Prashant Mohota of Gimatex is the New Chairman of CITI

Prashant Mohota of Gimatex is the New Chairman of CITI

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The Young Entrepreneurs Group (YEG) of Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) elected its new leadership team. Mr. Prashant Mohota, Managing Director of Gimatex Industries, was elected as the new chairman. A brief profile of Mr. Mohota is attached herewith. Mr. Ashish Saraf, Chief Financial Officer of Technocraft Industries was elected as the Vice-Chairman, YEG.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Mohota said, “I am really excited that the mantle of leading the young group of textile entrepreneurs was handed over to me at a time when India is on the cusp of change. Lot of focus is given by political and business class to the youth energy. I hope to harness it in right direction to ensure that the future of Indian textile decision makers become a discernible force”.

Mr. Naishadh Parikh, Chairman of CITI, congratulated the newly elected. “We want more young entrepreneurs in CITI’s board. I am confident that they will bring some fresh energy to the Confederation. I extent my full support to the team,” he said.

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