Nissan India Sales Grows by 126%

Nissan India Sales Grows by 126%

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Nissan Motor highlighted it’s two-fold rise in domestic sales at 6,418 units in July, as compared to 2,841 units in the same period of previous year.

TUESDAY, 2 JULY, 2016: Nissan Motors has registered a growth of 126 percent. The Japanese manufacturer has increased its sales drastically when compared to July 2015 sales. Both Nissan and Datsun sales in the Indian market have contributed to the increase in sales. During July 2015 Nissan and Datsun managed to sell 2,481 units. For July 2016, sales have increased by 126 percent, owing to 6,418 units sold by the Japanese-based automobile manufacturer. New and interesting models from Nissan and Datsun have contributed to the increase in sales.

“A great interest is visible for Nissan cars from the market. Our sales have been gaining momentum over the past few months and the trend has been encouraging. The customers have responded positively to the new Datsun redi-GO,” says Arun Malhotra, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India.

The Japanese-based automobile manufacturer is focussing on increasing in sales and service network in India. Nissan plans on having 300 operational sales and service outlets by march 2017 across the country.

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