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Netgear Launches Hi Speed Wi-Fi Networking Solution – Orbi

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NEW DELHI: NETGEAR leading provider of today’s smart home networking is delivering a whole new way to experience WiFi with the Tri-band mesh network of the Orbi WiFi System. The company claims that the product is the easiest way to enjoy high-speed WiFi throughout your entire home, including the patio, by the pool, up in the attic and even down in the basement.

Orbi enables high-speed WiFi to be accessible throughout your home and property, eliminating dead zones. An industry first, Orbi by Netgear is the only system to leverage Tri-band WiFi, which has the unique capability of providing a dedicated wireless channel between the Orbi router and each Orbi satellite. Tri-band WiFi is similar to a virtual wire, delivering maximum speeds no matter how many devices connect. This dedicated wireless connection ensures far-reaching coverage, empowering you to enjoy uninterrupted WiFi connections with the fastest internet speeds that you are paying your service provider for.

The Market Need

“Present day home environments demand strong Wi-Fi coverage and uninterrupted Internet access, even at the furthest edge of the network,” said Marthesh Nagendra, Country Manager – India & SAARC, NETGEAR, “With Over the top (OTT) video services dominating Wi-Fi bandwidth usage within home networks, standard Wi-Fi routers often struggle to offer a seamless Internet experience to users as they  move between multiple living spaces, both inside and outside the home and between its numerous floors,” he added.

The installation of Orbi is designed with simplicity in mind and is completed with a few clicks from any mobile device or browser. Intended to act as a full-featured router, Orbi can plug into your gateway or modem. If you would like to upgrade the WiFi on your service provider gateway, simply plug Orbi into your existing gateway and enjoy. The Orbi Kit includes two devices, a router and a satellite, that are pre-paired together for an easy out-of-the-box set-up. There is no need to guess the proper placement of the satellite nor is there a need to locate it within line-of-sight of the router. Simply connect the Orbi router to your internet modem or service provider gateway, and place the Orbi satellite in a location that is in the center of the home. Within minutes, you’ll have a single, secure, high-performance WiFi network all under one network name.

Product Uniqueness

“In designing Orbi, Netgear has applied lessons learned from two decades of home WiFi innovation to address the current network challenges of architectural design, dense building materials and large square footage,” said Marthesh Nagendra, “The strength of Orbi lies in its Tri-band WiFi, which enables you to enjoy the same level of connectivity throughout the entire home. Netgear Orbi delivers more high-speed WiFi connections to more devices through this new advanced WiFi technology that connects automatically and simultaneously to every WiFi-enabled device in the home.”

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