‘Modi Magic’ Grips New York’s Madison Square

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By Faiz Askari, at the Madison Square Garden, New York

While making an interesting satire on how the world knows every Indian, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi started by saying, “Now, we (Indians) play with mouse (Computer Peripheral), and not snakes.” This statement of Mr Modi from the Madison Square, New York was clear to the whole world that how Indians have changed their image in recent past and has come a long way from its past, now heading to an exciting future. Obviously, Modi means business!


Dressed in a yellow kurta and a waistcoat, Modi showed no strain of his Navratri fast, but instead as a listener of Modi, I realised that he has controlled his weight and was looking sharp.

Completely aware of the importance of the event, Modi quickly moved from recognizing and thanking American Indian community, for their support.

“The government you have chosen will not leave any stone unturned in developing the country,” said Modi, adding, “This government will succeed in fulfilling all the aspirations of the nation.”

This Modi visit will certainly have great economic take-away for the two nations. Just after the speech, senior level policy makers have started finding best ways to get closer.

As a journalist reporting at this event, I felt amazed to see the massive American crowd supporting an Indian leader. This speech had made most of the young blood of Indian origin to immediately get hooked to the emergence of their motherland.

Excitement of ‘Make in India’

Even though India is known the world over as a favorite destination for backoffice operations and is almost considered to be a BPO paradise, with almost all the global biggies having some presence, Modi is clearly looking forward to making India the manufacturing hub of the world. Keeping this aim in mind, he has launched Make in India campaign.

There is a huge level of excitement and enthusiasm among the business community on this campaign and there are many people with whom I met, and who strongly feel that India has all the ingredients and potential to make it big on the manufacturing side, the only missing link was the will from the government side and now with Modi government announcing this campaign, India has all the chance to shine bright even on the manufacturing side.

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  1. As apprehensive as I was about him, he’s starting off with quite a bang. Let’s hope this helps those of lower socio-economic classes more than our already very rich politicians and business leaders. Great reporting!

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