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UP Energy Minister Assured Action Against Issues & Challenges Faced by Local Industries

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A meeting of Indian Industries Association (IIA)  delegation lead by Mr. Pankaj Kumar, President IIA is held at Meerut with Mr. Shrikant Sharma, Hon’ble Energy Minister Govt of Uttar Pradesh to discuss various issues related to Industries in U.P which are related to his department. The details of the issues and problems discussed and response thereof of the Hon’ble Minister are as under :

President IIA informed the Minister that about 140 Transformer Repair Industry in U.P. are without any work as on date as all the Electrical Distribution Companies (DISCOM’s) under UPPCL  have stopped giving them the work. Thousands of workers in these industries are sitting idle as on date and the industries are either closed or are at the verge of closure. President IIA said that because of the wrongdoings of a few Transformer Repairers, the entire industry should not be made to suffer. Hon’ble Minister assured the President IIA that he will discuss the matter with the Officers in the Department and will see to it that the genuine industry is not made the victim.

The problem of delayed payments by the DISCOM’s for the supplies made by the Industries to them was highlighted by the President IIA on which Hon’ble Minister assured that the arrangements for the payments will be made on priority.

In view of the economic slowdown and depleted demands in industries at present, President IIA demanded that the additional electrical security being demanded by all the DISCOM’s from Industries should either be deferred for at least 6 months or it may be recovered in 12 equal instalments along with the electricity bills. On this Hon’ble Minister said that he will look into it sympathetically.

In the tenders issued by DISCOM’s, various restrictive conditions such as minimum turnover etc are applied due to which the Small Industries are not able to participate in the process. These conditions are against the declared policy of the State & Central Government for promoting and supporting Small Industries said President IIA to Hon’ble Minister.  Hon,ble Minister assured that this practice against the policies of the Government will be stopped henceforth.

President IIA also presented to Hon’ble Minister a comparative chart of the Electricity tariffs applicable in U.P and the neighbouring states which clearly proves that the Electricity Tariff applicable for industries in U.P is the highest. President IIA said that due to this high electricity tariff, the power intensive industries will migrate to neighbouring states and this situation will be an anti-investment drive of the Government. At the same time, all other industries in U.P will become uncompetitive in the market compared to the industries of other States.

Not allowing Net metering System for installation of Roof Top Solar by Industries by the State Government is another set back to the Solar Energy Targets of the Government, to the environment and the industries in U.P. Due to this, installation of Roof Top Solar System by Industries in U.P is not a viable proposition. President IIA urged the Hon’ble Minister to get the decision reversed in the overall public interest.

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