CSIR-CMERI Technology of Affordable Oxygen & Water Supply Transferred to 3 MSMEs

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The CSIR-CMERI developed indigenous technologies of ‘High flow rate Iron removal’, ‘Community Level Improved Iron Removal’ and ‘Oxygen Enrichment’ were transferred to M/s Taurus Industries, Assam, M/s SWASTICK AQUATECH, Assam and CBS Technologies Pvt Ltd, Greater Noida respectively on 12th May 2021.

Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI, stated that Oxygen Enrichment Technology has been transferred to 10 Business Entities. It was always a Vision to maximize the involvement of MSMEs for the dissemination of Technology to Society. He shared his confidence in the Licensee MSMEs that they together will soon be able to roll-out almost 2000 Oxygen Enrichment Units per day and that soon India will be Self-Sufficient and in a position to Export Oxygen Enrichment Units. Handing over of crucial Oxygen Generation Technology to the MSMEs will help to multiply Oxygen Outreach as well as promote Inclusive Growth, as the MSMEs will be able to avert the adverse effects of the current economic crisis.

Prof. Harish Hirani shared that Accessibility to Clean Drinking Water is one of the most important National Policy for India. As stated in the National Water Policy, “Access to safe drinking water should be considered as a pre-emptive social need.”In response to this, CSIR-CMERI has made it a priority to partner with the MSMEs of the Nation to hand over Water Purification Technologies to them in recent years, so that the latest development in Water Purification Technologies reaches out to the society. In the last 3 Years, CSIR-CMERI has handed over almost 60 different Water Purification Technologies to MSMEs across the Nation and as a result, it has benefitted over a Million People spanning a wide geographical range.

Prof. Harish Hirani, saluted the personnel manning the ‘Civic Water Supply’ stating that they are the ‘Water Heroes’ of the Society. This Civic personnel have been incessantly and tirelessly working for Uninterrupted Water Supply, even when the entire Nation was under Lockdown. Thus they have played a very crucial role in ensuring that the basic service of accessibility to Water is never disturbed. To promote awareness among the Youths, Start-Ups and Young Entrepreneurs, CSIR-CMERI in the recent past has organised numerous Skill Development Programs on CSIR-CMERI Water Purification Technologies which have assisted hundreds of Young Beneficiaries.

Mr. Sanjay, CBS Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Greater Noida, expressed his gratitude and shared the outstanding feedback received by him about the CSIR-CMERI Oxygen Enrichment Unit. He expressed his confidence in being able to accelerate the manufacturing of the OEU to about 500 Units per month in a short span of time. He also shared his serious plan about establishing a Ventilator Manufacturing Factory based upon the CSIR-CMERI Ventilator Technology.

Mr Avik Kumar Sharma, M/s Taurus Industries, Assam, expressed his gratitude to CSIR-CMERI for developing the High Flow Rate Iron Removal Plant Technology. This technology will help address the drinking water issues of the rural areas of West Bengal. He stated that Iron is a huge problem in Assam and this technology will go in a long way to address the issue.

Mr Suman Bagchi, M/s SwastickAquatech, Assam, stated that they are very happy to get the CSIR-CMERI Community Level Improved Iron Removal Plant and this will provide them with the extra mileage. They intend to steadily deploy the technology to the over 8000 Anganwadis and numerous Primary Schools in Assam. Over time they also intend to promote the technology to Private Apartments and Buildings thereby providing them with an Affordable Solution to the Iron woes of the Urban Residents.

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