Ambica Steels Deploys Automatic Ultrasonic Testing Line

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Ultrasonic testing is one of the most necessary and important testing facilities required for any semi-finished or finished product manufacturer.

Through ultrasonic testing, one can evaluate various properties of a material, component, or any system without damaging it, hence it being labeled as non-destructive testing.

As a significant step in taking its quality assurance to higher levels, Ambica Steels Limited has recently inducted state-of-the-art fully automatic Ultrasonic Testing Line from Bluestar Engineering & Electronics.

The importance of this new line is very high for Ambica as this can also be upgraded to include Eddy Current testing within the same setup in the future.

The machine can cover Ambica’s complete range of bar sizes i.e, 16 mm to 105mm and bar lengths of 3m to 7m. The setup is suitable to test pure stainless steel or alloy steel material.

The sensitivity of the ultrasonic testing is 0.7 mm FBH for bar diameter up to 30 mm and 1.2 mm FBH for bar diameters of 30 mm to 105 mm. Similarly, it is 0.8 mm x 15 mm for the SDH method making it very high precision.

Along with being high precision, the machine is also very quick. The cycle time for inspection of a complete bar of length 7 m, by both FBH and SDH methods is less than 300 seconds.

It can comfortably be said that with this new setup in the current form and the option to include Eddy Current testing in the same setup, Ambica Steels has upgraded it’s quality assurance and henceforth customer satisfaction levels to a new high.

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