Advantages Of Having Tea Vending Machine At The Office

Tea is one of the most loved refreshing substance taken working professionals. But, during office hours, it is not possible to go out and have a sip while feeling exhausted. The best solution for this is buying and installing vending machines at the office.

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Tea is one of the most loved refreshing substance taken working professionals. But, during office hours, it is not possible to go out and have a sip while feeling exhausted. The best solution for this is buying and installing vending machines at the office.

The most popular machines dispense unhealthy snacks or treats. However, newer technologies have made it possible to have tea and coffee machines. In addition, some are single options, allowing you to dispense one type of beverage. Still, double and triple-option machines are available if your employees prefer more than one beverage on their snack break.

Besides, the benefits of having these machines in the workplace are uncountable. Here’s a look into some of them.

7 Advantages of Having Tea and Coffee Vending Machines for Offices

One needs to be at his best while working, which includes sheer focus and a tremendous amount of energy. In this regard, sipping a cup of tea or coffee can be a great help.

Therefore, tea and coffee dispensing machines are one way to do that; here are the benefits:

  1. Convenience

Carrying a flask of tea or coffee from home is only viable for some employees. Moreover, rushing to the nearest café during working hours wastes time. So, installing a vending machine is your next best option.

Most offices have a tea and coffee station or kitchen area. Placing the machine there allows all your workers to access it whenever needed. After all, sipping a cup of tea or coffee is a good way to rejuvenate after working all morning.

  1. Improved Prolificity

The work efficiency improves if the individual is not exhausted. If you place a tea dispensing machine in the office, employees refill their cups every time they need a boost of energy. Besides, that prevents your workers from carrying unhealthy snacks to work.

You can go further by adding a machine with healthy tea snacks. So, your employees stay fuller for a long time. Workplaces with such machines have happier, healthier, and more productive employees. According to research, food makes you 13% more effective. If you go by that, you will see an improvement at your workplace.

  1. Reduced Time Wastage

Most workplaces only spare an hour for a lunch break. If your office is in a busy area, it means there are limited spots to have lunch. Thus, your employees spend most of their time queuing for a quick lunch or snack.

However, a tea and coffee vending machine for the office is quick and stress-free. It makes several cups of coffee in a short time. Moreover, your employees don’t have to queue at the coffee or tea station. instead, they wait until the machine clears, dedicating more time and energy to their work.

  1. Increased Satisfaction

When you provide your employees with these facilities, they feel overwhelmed and dedicate themselves more to the organisation. Once you install a vending machine at your office, you make workers feel appreciated. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about coming to work early because a cup of tea or coffee is always readily available.

  1. Increased Resting Time

With a tea or coffee machine nearby, employees dedicate their breaks to resting instead of rushing out to grab something. Rest is crucial because it allows workers to refuel before returning to work. Moreover, since everyone stays on-site, breaks come in handy to promote teamwork and collaboration.

  1. Improved Employee Relationships

Internal interaction is always helpful in improving the quality of work. Unfortunately, employees lack enough time to interact while at work. However, if you install a coffee or tea machine, breaks will be more convenient to catch up and discuss different issues. Employers who want a tight-knit employee system try various methods to unite their employees. Installing a vending machine is an easy and practical way to do so.


  1. Increased Flexibility

Typical workspaces operate on fixed hours. For instance, if the lunch break runs between one and two in the afternoon, employees only leave when that time reaches. However, with a tea and coffee vending machine in the office, your employees can grab a cup of tea or coffee whenever they are hungry.

Furthermore, your workers know when they are most productive. Therefore, they allocate specific hours to working and choose when to take a break.


Types of Tea and Coffee Dispensing Machines

Many vending machines exist in the market. So, buy one according to your needs. Firstly, poll your office to establish what beverages your employees like. Then, you can buy one of the following:

  • Double Option Machine
  • Portable Machines
  • Coin-operated Vending Machines  
  • Triple Option Machine
  • Quadra Option Machine

These machines have different settings, but the most significant difference is the number of beverages they dispense. Since your office has workers with different tastes and preferences, get machines with more than one lane.

The workplace should be very comfortable for your employees. The best and easiest way to accomplish that is to install tea and coffee dispensing machines. They help save time and increase productivity in the workplace. After all, employees invest the time and energy dedicated to getting lunch to do more at the office. 

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