Let Us Resolve To Enhance Quality And Relevance Of Our Scientific Enterprise, Says President Ram Nath Kovind

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The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, emphasised to enhance quality and relevance of our scientific enterprise. He said that our science must work for our people by contributing to their development and well-being. He was speaking at the National Science Day celebrations, organised by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi.

The President said that we should aim to reach all the stakeholders of science and indeed society at large with all the tools, knowledge, manpower and infrastructure in our universities and laboratories. He was happy to note that on the lines of corporate social responsibility, the Department of Science and Technology is developing the concept of ‘Scientific Social Responsibility’ and turning it into a policy which will involve voluntary activities like sharing scientific infrastructure, mentoring college faculty, fostering research culture, and organizing young students’ visits to top laboratories.

The President said that the basic purpose of the National Science Day is to spread the message of the importance of science. There are two aspects to it – science in itself, as quest for pure knowledge, and science in society, as a tool for enhancing the quality of life. Both are, of course, interlinked, as scientific attitude is common to them. It is through science and technology that we can effectively address challenges of the environment, healthcare, energy for equitable economic growth, food and water security, and communication; to name a few. Challenges before us today are multifold and complex. The increasing mismatch between demand and supply of various resources is likely to lead to conflicts in future. We all will have to rely on science and technology in our search for sustainable solutions to these challenges.

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