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What is Car Tune Up? Importance of Doing It

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Whether is a shining Mercedes or quirky Wagnor, we understand your car is precious for you. You do everything to protect her from all possible damages with regular maintenance or your car insurance policy. But one important thing you need to do is tuning up her engine.

What is car tune up?

In early days, car tune-up was limited to replacing the damaged or over-used parts to increase the car’s performance and efficiency. Nowadays, tuning up has become a wider term including replacement of cabin air and spark plugs. Although cabin filters do not directly influence the performance, their clogging leads to low airflow to dashboard vents. Thus, it is important to check them regularly and change in case of need.

Talking of spark plugs, you need to change them after completing a drive of 100,000 miles. Damaged spark plugs negatively affect the health of the car as well as increase the amount of premium for your car insurance.  Furthermore, tuning up modern cars require check-up of some more parts like coolant, transmission fluid, car batteries and engine oil. Lastly, while your mechanic is tuning up your car do not forget to tell him/her to check on headlights, windshield wipers, brake-lights and blinker.

Your Car’s call for tune-up will include one of the following sign:

  • Engine deposits are caused by adulterated fuel negatively affecting the efficiency of the car which can be corrected with fuel system clean-up.
  • Engine misfires, troubles ignition or slowed acceleration are the signs of bad spark plugs.
  • All those noises of grinding gear transmission and engine clunk are the cries of your car for a tune-up.
  • Congested air filters of engine affecting the fluency of car. Also, they reduce the fuel economy of the car, as a result, your car drinks more fuel that she should.

Why tuning up a car is important?

Just like people need to visit a doctor in cases of discomfort, your car also needs a tune-up for hassle-free operating. Tuning up ensures the longevity and efficiency of the car. A car is not a grocery item that you buy every month. After days and months of financial planning and research finally, you discover the car which appeals to you. The process does not just end here; you chose the best car insurance online or offline to cover all the damage or losses caused by the accidents.

Tuning up your car is crucial for your car insurance. Many car insurance companies offer discounts and benefits to the car insurance policyholders who maintain their cars in good condition.

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