India Sustain It’s Leadership over China in Pharmaceuticals

India Sustain It’s Leadership over China in Pharmaceuticals

India’s pharmaceutical exports continued its lead over China in 2015, Ministry of Commerce said.

While India’s Pharma exports grew from USD 11.66 Billion to USD 12.54 Billion in 2015 recording a growth of 7.55%, China increased its exports of Pharma products from USD 6.59 Billion to USD 6.94 Billion showing a growth of 5.3% during the same period.

India moved ahead of China in all important markets such as US, European Union and Africa.

India’s exports of Pharma products to US jumped from USD3.84 Billion to USD4.74 Billion, a growth of 23.4% as against China’s Pharma exports to US which moved from USD1.16 Billion to USD1.34 Billion in the same period showing a growth of 15%.

India maintained its lead with growth in EU and Africa recording exports of USD1.5 Billion and USD3.04 Billion respectively while China’s exports to EU & Africa showed a declining trend in both the markets.

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