Hiring Strategies for Next Generation

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In fast moving economy, young talented people with the most preferred, but in-demand skills equipped individuals are negligible. Acquiring and accessing young talent is among a most crucial decisive goal to achieve. In an exclusive discussion with SMEStreet, Vidur Gupta, Director, Spectrum Talent Management informed and explained how the recruitment domain is evolving in India.

Edited excerpts
Q. You have been working in the area of job matching for young talents. Please share some insights about the same?
Educating the Candidates is one of the most important aspects, as this support immensely to candidate for best insight of Company, Culture, KRA’s and Growth plan. Today’s Generation has Crystal clear understanding about the expectations. We strictly Adhere to books in terms of Process and make sure every Spectrum Family member follow the same religiously.
Q. According to you, what are the gaps existing in the HR ecosystem as of today? And, How are working towards bridging this gap?
 Gaps can be defined in two categories broadly i.e. Approach and Availability of expertise based HR Workforce. Approach makes major difference in HR today as this cater/deals directly with Employees/candidates and Availability of Functional Experts helps to smoothen the process.
Initiative taken for Bridging the Gap by SPECTRUM:
 Team expertise as per Industry.
 Strong Data Base.
 Global & Local Geographical presence of Company. 
 Mapping-Based on Mandates.
 Dedicated SME Culture.
Q. So far, what kind of response are you getting from organisations who hire employees through you?
 We get submission that in Growing/Competitive Environment, the old ways of Recruiting, Acquiring, and Accessing talent are no longer effective, hence Innovative/New methods for hiring are in demand. Online Assessments is one major tool as It helps managers see candidate slates that include high quality prospects, hiring managers are relying more heavily on technology for initial screening. Now days emphasis on Importance of Soft Skills are given along with the technical expertise as Companies are requiring more from candidates than academics, knowledge and experience.
Q. Please highlight the biggest challenge in creating a positive opportunities for young employees in India? 
Time invested & Treatment given is biggest challenge as most Young employees like to considered, counseled and convinced 200% before opting any opportunity. Healthy Brain can delivery Best results, hence Constructive Treatment is BIG MUST: Creating a positive Treatment experience is helping companies to attract the best talent and stay competitive in the job market. A positive candidate experience includes everything from an easy to navigate Web Pages, social media presence, pleasant interactions with personnel, shortened interview process as well as a smooth on-boarding process. This branding/positive procedure helps in big way to attract young employees. 
Q. What are some of the internal and external factors that affect the of recruitment process and policy of an organisation ?
Ans: To discuss there could be many Internal & External factors that affect but most important are Analysis of Current Employees potential with respect to Market competition or New Hire, e.g. If New product Marketing is required in new geographical location Business Head, First we need to examine our current assets instead of New Hire on immediate basis. Recruitment process also includes some obligations like Intense recruiting competition, Mandates overload, Recruiting strategy may be years out of date, Lack of recruiting resources. External Support from Consultant (Software Tool, Project Hiring, Hierarchy Mapping, Market Intelligence) should be welcomed as this save Time and Cost as being deficient in speed will restrict your results.  
Q. According to you, what should be the focus and components of recruitment policy of a company?
 Considering some immediate focus areas includes Remote Hiring as through mobile recruiting, hiring managers are very effective way for hiring to keep in touch with job seekers anytime and anywhere. Behavioral Interactions has been elevated with time as based on the premise that past performance is the best predictor of future performance, behavioral rendezvous screen how a candidate deals with situations in the workplace. Delayed in interview always a major concern, hence Shortened Hiring Process is the key, as Delays in the hiring process wastes time and virtually assures losing talented candidates. Many companies are diagnosing weaker spot and brainstorming is been done to streamline their process. 
Q.What is your take on the e-recruitment techniques these days. What are the advantages of e-recruitment? Is it an effective recruitment strategy?
 Life has highly influenced by this word “E” and we all can experience through E-Commerce, E-Learning and E-Recruitment. It has multiple advantages being Easily Access available, Cost Effective, Mega Pool available in Groups, Time Effective etc. No Question to be asked about it’s effectiveness as it helps you to hunt way beyond. Use social networks to post job openings. Innovative ideas also leverage social media to build broader, more vigorous talent communities—networks of people interested in the Open Positions. Some of the prominent platforms for the same are LinkedIn, Facebook, Meetups, Forums, Video interviews and Psychometric testing Sites etc.​

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