Kunal Singhal Appointed as Co-Chairman of PHD Chamber’s ICT and Electronics Committee

Kunal Singhal, Founder of EazyERP is Appointed as the Co-Chairman of ICT and Electronics Committee of PHD Chamber of Commerce. A Chartered Accountant by qualification and profession Kunal Singhal is committed towards MSMEs.

Industry body PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry has appointed Mr. Kunal Singhal, Managing Director, EazyERP, as the co-chairman of ICT and Electronics Committee.

A Chartered Accountant by qualification and profession, Kunal is an IT enthusiast, founded EazyERP in 2007. Since then he has started his journey as an entrepreneur and focused on bringing technology among MSMEs. He has been working very closely with MSMEs and has achieved different levels of milestone in making MSMEs digitally equipped to enhance their business as well as to be at power to make a mark in the international market.

“It is indeed a great opportunity to have been appointed in this position. I look forward to playing a meaningful role to further strengthen PHD Chamber’s quest of enhancing the Indian Industry, particularly the MSMEs, and help them adopt Information and Communication Technology (ICT). We will also work towards making the industry aware about various government initiatives and help them take benefit of the schemes,”  stated Mr. Kunal Singhal, on becoming the co-chairman of ICT and Electronics Committee, PHD CHamber of Commerce.

Believing in the potential of MSMEs and need of adopting digital technologies, Mr. Kunal added, “Today, the entire business ecosystem is moving towards simplification and transparency and great transformation is happening. Entire policy framework is committed towards this goal. Technology has proved itself as the preferred carrier or an efficient tool to facilitate this goal setting. MSMEs are the actual torch bearers of this transformation. There is a huge opportunity for every entrepreneur. Initiatives taken by PHD Chamber are committed towards ensuring MSMEs’ active contribution and participation in this transformation which involves ICT best practices.”

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