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CPWD to Implement a Comprehensive ERP to Bring Transparency and Efficiency

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CPWD is expected to improve substantially consequent to implementation of revised organizational structure. Government has decided to implement ERP in CPWD so as to radically transform its functioning and to propel it on a high growth path by improved transparency & accountability, faster and effective decision making, improved Client interfaces & satisfaction and to unlock its latent productivity and efficiency.

New condensed result centric CPWD Works Manual has already been brought out and restructuring of the Department has also been implemented. Revised Organizational Structure has enhanced the efficiency, effectiveness, quality, better client services, accountability and long term success of the organization by ensuring optimal utilization of the human resource. With the implementation of the revised structure, functional needs of the organization have become harmonized to cater to the ever increasing work load and requirements of the Clients.

By way of delayering, earlier seven levels of functioning from Junior Engineer to Director General, which caused slower decision making and distributed accountability leading to delays and impacting quality have been reduced to four levels, thereby decision making has become faster, passing the buck tendency has eliminated, accountability and sense of belonging / ownership at every level have increased. There is no inter-reporting between SDG and ADG, SE and CE, JE and AE in the revised system of functioning. SDGs and ADGs heading the project regions and field regions have become directly accountable to the Director General, CPWD. These senior level posts have now become fully active and functional. With the separate vertical created for execution of major projects through empowered project units under SDGs/ADGs, now focused and exclusive attention is being given by SDGs/ ADGs for speedy execution of the Projects with quality and economy. CEs and SEs now having compact setup under them, they are able to provide better qualitative input, support and guidance to their units resulting quantum increase in output of the field units. With lowering of unified command of Electrical & Mechanical and Civil streams to SE level, the functioning have become more cohesive and one pointed. Clients are getting single window service now at SE level.

The Department is functioning as one fabric and inter-cadre differences have eliminated. With the alignment of Architecture and Horticulture cadres with main stream execution set up in the reorganization setup, these cadres have become more effective, productive and delivery oriented. Ineffective planning posts have been utilized for direct execution of works. It will increase turnover of the Department and also ensure functioning of the Department in single file system. For optimal utilization of the human resource, work centers were identified, posts allocated to these work centers and persons from metros shifted at these works centers, which resulted in faster output of the works and enhanced satisfaction of the clients. Regional Design Centers created at Regional HQs are efficiently catering to the design needs of the region locally at one place. This will reduce the delays in execution of works.

CPWD Regional Training Institutes located across the country have been integrated, unified and upgraded, which facilitated improved performance of the Training activities of the Department. With the strengthening of setup at HQ, formulation of policies and guidelines and other HQ activities for growth and development of the Department have witnessed a substantial boost. Restructuring has been implemented without reduction in the strength of any of the cadre of the Department and by catering to the needs of entire geographical spread and works requirement of the Department.

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