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5 Methods to Increase Cash Flow for Small Businesses

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Running a business, small or big comes with several challenges. However, small business particularly face the challenge of ensuring smooth cash flow. This factor is critical for the optimum maintenance and survival of your business. It contributes to making payments that include salaries, buying raw materials, paying up the bills and much more. Lacking cash inflow can cause a disruption in the growth of the business. Thus, it is absolutely essential to employ several methods to increase the same. Here are a few for you to follow:

Collect client payments on time – Delay in collecting client payments or popularly known as ‘days sales outstanding’, can greatly impact the cash flow of the company. It is important to maintain a schedule by carefully looking through the financial information and outstanding payments. Cut down on the time duration that you grant customers to make payments. Look back at long outstanding payments and work on a strategy to bring down the number to nil. 

Sell or rent unused equipment – Your Company may house several equipment or inventory that is not used or will not be used. Not only does it cause a block in your cash flow, but also takes up space. Check the inventory and equipment lying around and segregate the same based on the ones that you must get rid of. If you do think that you do not need them in at least a year to come, sell the same to invest money in things that are more useful. 

Create subscription sales – If yours is a small business that markets and sells regularly consumed products, then creating subscription sales can work wonders for you. As part of a subscription plan, customers prepay for the products. These payments are extremely useful for covering future costs and in turn, you can better secure future sales. 

Repair capital equipment – Replacing equipment, especially those that are expensive, can put a serious strain on your finances. Machinery that is well-maintained can give your several years of great service. Thus, invest your money by scheduling maintenance cycles and reconditioning the equipment when needed. You can also opt for buying used equipment whenever possible as this will reduce your spending. 

Increase variable costs – Upon evaluating your business costs, you will notice that are several costs that can be shifted from fixed to variable. Look through the different expenses and identify them. This shift will immediately bring better cash flow for your business. 

The above listed methods can work extremely well in facilitating the cash flow of your business. Business loan is also an option that most of the business owners are opting for which you can also look into.

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