“Transport and Marketing Assistance” (TMA) Scheme for Agriculture Products Updated With Dairy Products Inclusion

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Centre has revised “Transport and Marketing Assistance” (TMA) scheme for Specified Agriculture Products’.

In February 2019, the Department of Commerce had introduced ‘Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA) for Specified Agriculture Products Scheme’ to provide assistance for the international component of freight, to mitigate disadvantage of higher freight costs faced by the Indian exporters of agriculture products. The scheme was initially applicable for exports effected during the period from 01.03.2019 to 31.03.2020 and was later extended for exports effected up to 31.03.2021.

Now the Department has notified ‘Revised Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA) for Specified Agriculture Products Scheme’ for exports effected on or after 01.04.2021 up to 31.03.2022. The existing scheme will remain in operation for exports effected up to 31.03.2021.

Following major changes have been made in the revised scheme:

•           Dairy products, which were not covered under the earlier scheme, will be eligible for assistance under the revised scheme.

•           Rates of assistance have been increased, by 50% for exports by sea and by 100% for exports by air. Details are as under:

Rates of Assistance (in INR)

Region Amount Per TEU (Normal)    Amount Per TEU (Reefer)By Air

(Amount per kilogram)


West Africa     11200  16800  19600  29400  0.841.68

East Africa      11200  16800  21000  315000.841.68

Europe 9800    14200  21000  31500  1.122.24

Gulf     8400    12600  14000  21000  0.701.40

North America21000  31500  28700  43050  2.805.60

ASEAN          5600    8400    12600  18900  0.701.40

Russia & CIS  12600  18900  22400  33600  0.701.40

Far East           8400    12600  12250  18375  0.841.68

Oceana            16800  25200  24500  36750  2.805.60

China   0012600189000.84     1.68

South America23800  35700  31500  47250  3.507.00

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) will shortly notify the procedure for availing assistance under the revised scheme.

Enhanced assistance under the revised scheme is expected to help Indian exporters of agricultural products to meet rising freight and logistics costs.

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