PM Narendra Modi Emphasizes India’s Potential and Growth of Exports

Indian youth have put the country in the top three of world StartUp ecosystems: PM at Red Fort

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, speaking from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of 77th Independence day today, said that India’s exports is rising rapidly and the world is saying that India will not stop now. World rating agencies are praising India and in the new world order post-Corona, the ability of Indians is being recognized, he said. At a time when the global supply chains were disrupted, we showed the world that the solutions can be found only by focusing on human needs, he said. Prime Minister said that today India has become the voice of global South and Indian economy is now a part of global supply chain, providing it stability.

Speaking on Startups, Prime Minister said that the youth of India have placed the country in the top three StartUp ecosystems of the world. He added that the youth of the world are amazed at this development, amazed seeing the ability of India’s youth. Today’s world is technology driven and given the talent that India has in technology, we will have an important role to play in the world. Prime Minister also noted that the world leaders of the most developed nations have recognized the success of digital India, and want to know more about these initiatives.

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