Environmental Sustainability is a Must for the Sake of our Next Generation: Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday inaugurated the World Sustainable Development Summit in New Delhi.

“I am very happy to be here at the inauguration of the World Sustainable Development Summit.To those joining us from abroad: Welcome to India.Welcome to Delhi,” Modi said.

This summit is a re-inforcement of India’s commitment to a sustainable planet, for ourselves and for future generations, he added.

As a nation, we are proud of our long history and tradition of harmonious co-existence between man and nature.Respect for nature is an integral partof our value system.

Our traditional practices contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.Our goal is to be able to live up to our ancient texts which say, “Keep pure For the Earth is our Mother And we are her children”.

This is the ideal we seek to live through our actions.We believe that all resources and all wealth belongs to Nature and the Almighty.We are just the trustees or managers of this wealth. Mahatma Gandhi too, advocated this trusteeship philosophy.

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