Quick eSelling Powers Indian Retailers to Go Global Instantly

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More than 5000 retailers have jumped on the bandwagon to start selling their products online with the help of the world’s leading, ready-to-use, free E-commerce platform Quick eSelling, in just under two weeks.

A third of the global population is subject to stay-at-home directives by governments across the globe. This has popularized online purchases for daily essentials.

With lockdown restrictions, online sales across all verticals especially grocery and pharmaceuticals have soared up. In fact, as per the data from E-commerce Consumer Sales, there has been an average growth rate of over 250% in essential categories like Food and Beverages, Household Goods, Medical and Baby products.

As reported in Commerce Insight in March, the US online orders increased 56% and the online grocery sales for all of March were up 233% compared to the previous year. Online orders in the Asia-Pacific growth rate reached 78% and the online supermarkets in the United Kingdom surged 221%.

In this scenario, E-commerce solution provider, Quick eSelling has announced to make its ready-to-use E-commerce platform completely free to help retailers keep the supply of essential products ongoing for their customers.

“This initiative aims to help millions of people across the globe to stay safe and maintain social distance to stop the spread of COVID-19”, says the company co-founder, Shrenik Gandhi.

To encourage startups and retailers, the company has waived off the transaction fee charges until 30th June 2020.

In just less than two weeks, Quick eSelling has powered thousands of retailers to set up their online stores, through its readymade E-commerce platform. Business owners across 100 countries including the US, UK, CanadaMiddle East, Southeast Asian countries, and India have signed up and are already making their first sales.

A ray of hope for conventional businesses to move online

Deserted streets and closed shops portray the financial risk that small and medium-sized businesses have witnessed in the current corona-hit economy. However, the growing share of E-commerce eating up traditional sales poses an opportunity in itself.

Even after the pandemic, the fear amidst people is here to stay until vaccines are available. This will lead the masses to follow social distancing, stay indoors, and stick to online purchases.

Another factor that adds in is convenience. Business owners, still stuck to the old school concept of running brick-and-mortars, need to consider the examples of service aggregators and those brands that thrive on the concept of convenience.

The free E-commerce platform www.quickeselling.com/ offering instant E-commerce website and mobile apps aims to help even a small retailer to roll out his or her online business with just a few clicks. This way, sellers can save on the listing or commission fees that would otherwise go to display their products on other marketplaces.

Readymade E-commerce platform to kickstart a quick online journey

Quick eSelling, ready-made E-commerce platform is inherent with all the functionalities to build, manage and grow an online store.

Equipped with advanced technology, the platform enables users to create E-commerce websites without any coding or additional expertise. Right from mobile app features to marketing tools, it provides 360-degree support for a seamless business flow.

Supporting small and mid-sized grocery retailers, large format supermarkets, and mart, Quick eSelling’s team of over 50 people is relentlessly working round the clock to meet the growing demand for online store set up.

Extension orders across the planet have made entrepreneurs believe that countries that emerge after the pandemic will be different. Consumer mindsets would be clouded with fear and purchase behaviors would have shifted.

Business owners have realized that the only way to have a market-fit is to shift online or at least have a parallel set-up to extend the home-delivery option to customers.

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