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Dr Lulwa Al Mutlaq Awarded With SMEStreet Global Women Leadership Award 2021

Bahrain's leading women entrepreneurial leader Dr Lulwa Al Mutlaq Gets SMEStreet Global Women Leadership Awards 2021 for her visionary entrepreneurship ventures and initiatives.

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Leading women leader and entrepreneur from Bahrain and founder of Golden Trust Business Consultancy, Golden Trust for Training & Consultancy (Training Institute) and Golden Bio Tradin, Dr. Lulwa Mutlaq Rashid AlMutlaq, is named in the prestigious SMEStreet Global Women Leadership Awards 2021. 

Mr Faiz Askari, Founder and Secretary-General of SMEStreet Foundation highlighted the need to have a fresh perspective towards the contribution of women in the workforce. “The initiative SMEStreet Global Women Leadership Awards 2021 The status of women in the workforce is a critical aspect of our social stability and socio-economic growth. The contributions of women in our economic and business ecosystem are very dynamic. All we need is to acknowledge their importance.”

Giving an overview of the SMEStreet Global Women Leadership Awards, Shri Faiz Askari stated, “The campaign of these awards started around three months ago. During this period the organizing team and editorial team of SMEStreet received nominations from over 65 countries and we have so far selected a few women leaders who can be termed as Game Changers of their own ecosystems. The nominations were kept free purposely for ensuring maximum outreach.”

SMEStreet Women Leadership Awards 2021SMEStreet Women Leadership Awards Certificate

Dr. Lulwa is currently a member of Capital Municipal Council of Kingdom of Bahrain, had an exciting career in both private and public sectors acquiring high level of knowledge and expertise.  She established and led private businesses such as Golden Trust Business Consultancy, Golden Trust for Training & Consultancy (Training Institute) and Golden Bio Trading which contribute to economy and ensure knowledge sharing and transfer.

Commenting on this award, Dr Lulwa mentioned, “Entrepreneurship is the most constructive area for women to show their potential. I am thankful to SMEStreet Foundation for organizing this initiative and recognising my efforts towards building a value-driven sustainable economic activity through my entrepreneurship ventures.”

Dr. Lulwa holds a Ph.D. in Education and Human Development, Vanderbilt University, USA and Master Degree in Vocational Education and Bachelor of Science from Northern Arizona University, USA.  She is a Chartered Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, UK; Certified HR practitioner from Michigan Business School, USA and Cranfield University School of Management, UK.   She is also a certified practitioner in Occupational Testing & Occupational Personality Questionnaires (Saville & Holdsworth, UK).

In August 2006, Dr. Lulwa awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration and Oxford Innovation Award from Oxford Association of Management, UK.  On 2007, she also awarded a Professional Excellence Award from Oxford Center for Leadership and OXCEL Fellowship from OXFORD Center for Leadership (OXCEL, UK) in 2008.  

Dr. Lulwa has a banking experience at one of the leading International Banks; Arab Banking Corporation “BANK ABC” (B.S.C.) where she progressed to the role of Senior Vice President.  Her role involves management at senior level leading Human Resource Management at both an operational and strategic level.  

Dr. Lulwa started her career life at Ministry of Health and College of Health Sciences assuming several positions and roles that contributed towards a very successful and rewarding career (Technician, Instructor, Lecturer, Head of Training Programme, and Acting Chairman of a Division, Senior Curriculum Specialist, and Head of Educational Development Centre).   She worked as Vice Rector of Female Branch of the University of Business & Technology, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and taught MBA courses.  She has teaching experience at University of Bahrain (Part-time Assistant Professor), Supervise MBA Student at BIPA Bahrain and act as External Examiner for MBA students.  Dr. Lulwa also involved in teaching courses at Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (Part-time Faculty).  Furthermore, she has attended intensive professional training programs that have provided her with advanced executive knowledge and skills that enhance her contribution and delivery of business results.

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