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DC MSME to Focus on Eco Friendly & Import Substitute Technologies from CSIR Labs

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In order to provide handhold support to aspiring entrepreneurs adopt eco-friendly technologies to start units, the Office of the Development Commissioner- MSME (DC MSME) has put up on its website the details of Eco Friendly & Import Substitute Technologies from CSIR Labs for putting up units by MSMEs.

DC MSME has given list and details of as many as 10 such technologies –

—  1.    Anaerobic Gas lift Reactor (AGR): A High rate bio-methanation technology to treat organic solid waste for the generation of biogas and bio manure

—  2.    Recycling of Waste Plastic in Designing Tiles

—  3.    Paving Blocks from Fly Ash , Blast Furnace Slag, Steel Slag, and other industrial wastes

—  4.    Lead Free X-ray Shielding Tiles (CSIR AMPRI)

—  5.    Ginger Processing Technology

—  6.    Double fortified salt technology(DFS) for fortification of salt with iron and iodine

—  7.    Manufacture of Zeolite-A (Detergent Builder) from bauxite or bauxite leachate (Bayer liquor)

—  8.    Waterless Chrome Tanning Technology

—  9.    Pheromone Application for Sustainable Agriculture and Establishment of Pheromone Lure Making Centre

—  10.  Ultrapure Medical Grade Water

For each of the technology available, the details such as type of technology, IP Status, Plant/equipment/ Space requirement for manufacturing, CapEx & OpEx, Market size and Return on Investment time, Availability of raw material, Transfer of Technology charges of the Lab for Micro, Small and Medium Scale company.

According to a report by NITI Aayog, MSME sector in India which is a strong pillar of economic growth is characterized by low technology levels with some exceptions.

This acts as a major handicap in the growth of MSME sector in the emerging global market and is therefore, seen as the next frontier for infusion of technology, while R&D has taken great strides in other fields, its penetration to the MSMEs has been very minimal. Despite efforts, institutional linkages with research & development establishments and industry (including MSEs) have not developed.

The challenge therefore is to enable the MSMEs embrace the new technologies to leap frog and contribute significantly in the inclusive growth process.

The document titled Trend & Mind-set that India’s Central Science & Technology Sector & further need suggested that For “Make In India” and related skill development; it is required to align research outputs of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) labs with both heavy and Micro & Medium scale industries and initiatives taken under the National Science Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (under the Department of Science and Technology-DST).

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