CREDAI is the Direct Training Partner of NSDC

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CREDAI’s Skill Development Program which has trained more than 1 lakh construction workers since 2011 is a rare example of an Industry Association stepping in to fill the skill gap in the country.  In rare recognition to an Industry Association, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) has enlisted CREDAI as its partner. The partnership would enable CREDAI to conduct skill training of Construction Workers across the nation through access to CSR funds available with NSDC for skill development.   The two organizations will work together with the aim of increasing employability and skill development of construction workers thus contributing towards the vision of our Hon’Ble Prime Minister of making India the Skill Capital of the world.

As a result of this partnership, CREDAI aims to train 1 lakh construction workers over the next 3 years through various skill development programs by NSDC.

 Speaking on this association, Mr. Jaxay Shah, President, CREDAI National said, “CREDAI has constantly maintained a stance of contributing to the growth of the industry’s stakeholders. Through our skilling initiative, CREDAI has been able to successfully transform thousands of lives by conducting theoretical and practical training sessions for construction workers across India. We are extremely proud to announce our association with NSDC as a training partner which will now allow us to further enhance our reach and impact in the area of skill development.

As a leading industry body, CREDAI realizes the importance of a skilled workforce towards the development of the industry and the economy which encourages us to enhance the reach of our initiative even further.”

 Mr. Vishal Gupta, Chairman, Skill Committee, CREDAI National, said, “We are delighted to announce the National Skills Development Corporation has enlisted CREDAI as its training partner. CREDAI’s strong commitment towards fulfilling the Prime Minister’s dream of making India the skill capital of the world is clearly evident by the number of construction workers that we have trained in the past. With this association, we’re confident of reaching even higher numbers and taking our initiative to greater heights than before.”

CREDAI, as a leading industry body enabling policy framework for housing and real estate development, took up skill development in a bid to align itself with national and social goals.   The driving force of CREDAI in organizing its Skill Development training is that, as an industry body, it has the best understanding of skills which need to be developed.  Further, CREDAI is in a position to easily absorb the trained personnel in the industry through its developer members. CREDAI launched its Skill Development of construction workers with its training program ‘’Kushal’’ in 2011 through its Pune Chapter in collaboration with NSDC. Since then, the journey has progressed at a good pace – skill development has been undertaken by CREDAI member developers at over 500 construction sites in over 55 cities across India. 

CREDAI has started skilling at source at Offsite centres i.e. at places from where the construction labour is traditionally sourced. The idea is to skill the unemployed youth and then to tie up with the labour contractors to deploy such workers at CREDAI’s sites so that instead of them coming absolutely raw and learning on the job, they are first formally trained in the trade and then sent to take up a job at the site.   CREDAI is in the process of developing a Mobile App in association with CSDCI to Link Off-site Skill Training and Placements. CREDAI skill development has caught corporate attention and companies like Asian Paints and Somany Tiles are conducting customized training capsules in Painting and Tiling in association with CREDAI. 

CREDAI was also the Lead Partner at India Skills 2016 & World Skill competition 2017 and its trained candidate returned home with a medallion from Abu Dhabi.

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