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‘Corrosion-Free Railway Tracks Through Galvanization Can Restrict Rail Accidents in India’

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Sunil Duggal, CEO of Hindustan Zinc has come up with a strong solution to control Railway accidents and was  trying to sell this idea to the Indian railway which is looking for a credible solution.

Duggal said making rail track corrosion-free through galvanization tracks could help achieve zero fatalities.

As per one estimate, corrosion shaves off nearly 4 per cent from India’s annual GDP.

“Zinc can help build corrosion-resistant infrastructure for Indian Railways that will help the Railways achieve zero fatality,” Duggal stated while talking to Media.

Corrosion-free infrastructure like rails, bridges, electrical poles, and fish plates will be more durable and add to passengers’ safety, he argued.

Terming the Railways’ vision document as progressive, Duggal said corrosion-free infrastructure is the need of the hour. The Railway’s vision document for 2017-19 puts a premium on economic growth and development, besides targeting reduction in accidents.

He said, “Rail tracks in India are intermittently exposed to ultra violet rays of the sun and heavy rains. Passenger safety is of utmost importance and recent accidents have indicated corrosion of rails and f fish plates as one of the major causes, which could have been avoided.”

Making a case for corrosion-resistant infrastructure for rails as well as for bridges, electrical poles, fish plates and nuts and bolts, the HZL CEO said, “if we are looking for long-term investments in this sector and impact GDP of India”.

According to Duggal, corrosion reduces the life of rails by nearly half, which increases maintenance workload.

The Railway is focusing on bridges and track upgrade, long-lasting infrastructure and electrification of train tracks and looking to eliminate 6,113 unmanned level crossings on broad gauge lines across India.

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