hBits Welcomes Anish Mody as Chief Product Officer

The hiring comes on the heels of hBits' quick development and a 20% year on year increase in registered users on the platform.

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In a move to strengthen its senior leadership and scale business growth, hBits, a fractional ownership platform for commercial real estate that aims to democratize access to real estate for everyday investors, has announced the appointment of Anish Mody as its Chief Product Officer (CPO). The appointment comes at a time when hBits is witnessing a 20 percent year on year growth in registered users on its platform and is emphasizing technology and customer-centric offerings.

In his new role Anish will guide the company to further enhance its product offerings to digitally transform investment in real estate, launch innovative offerings, and drive exceptional customer experiences.

An industry veteran, Anish brings more than two decades of experience in project leadership, cross-functional team management, and groundbreaking product launches. His tenure in the industry has been marked by several game-changing initiatives, including the development of a Client On-boarding KYC and Renewals Management Platform, which slashed base costs, manual effort, and turnaround time through the implementation of advanced automation solutions. In the past, Anish has held leadership positions at various leading organizations, such as Coforge, CapGemini, Enel X Services, Northgate Public Services and eClerx, among others.

Shiv Parekh, Founder and CEO of hBits said, “We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Anish Mody as a valuable addition to our leadership team. As we propel forward in the rapidly expanding PropTech sector, which is projected to reach a valuation of US $100 billion, his exceptional expertise will undertake a pivotal role in shaping our strategies and propelling our vision to new heights. In his new capacity, Anish will contribute to nurturing a high-performance environment, fostering innovation, and steering the company’s trajectory. With Anish’s adept leadership, we are confident in our capability to attain unmatched growth and persist in delivering remarkable opportunities to our investors.”

Anish Mody, Chief Product Officer, hBits, said “As I embark on the role of Chief Product Officer with a strong sense of enthusiasm, I am deeply motivated. hBits represents a cutting-edge platform, where the values of innovation and advancement are of paramount importance, propelling us to the forefront of shaping the landscape and future of real estate investments. This juncture marks a pivotal moment in my professional growth as well as the trajectory of hBits. I look forward to serving as its advocate for innovation, elevated customer service, and enriched experiences. The significance of this role lies in its commitment to driving innovation and we must continue to be watchful, adaptable, and challengeable.”

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