Gujarat Becomes The First State To Cover 100% Of District Headquarters with True 5G

Reliance’s Janmabhoomi Gujarat becomes the first state in India to get Jio True 5G in each of the 33 district headquarters from today. ‘Jio Welcome Offer’ users to get unlimited 5G data with up to 1 Gbps+ speeds at no additional cost.

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Jio is rolling out its True 5G network at a rapid pace.  Today, Jio has taken a big stride forward by extending its True-5G coverage in each of  the 33 district headquarters of Gujarat, thereby making Gujarat the first state in India to  get Jio True 5G coverage in 100% of the district headquarters. 

Gujarat holds a special place, as it is Reliance’s Janmabhoomi. This strategic  announcement is a dedication to Gujarat and its people. As a model state, Jio will launch  a series of True 5G-powered initiatives across Education, Healthcare, Agriculture,  Industry 4.0 and IOT sectors in Gujarat and then extend it across the country. 

This shubh-aarambh in Gujarat will happen with an important True 5G-powered initiative  named ‘Education-For-All’, in which Reliance Foundation and Jio are coming together to  initially digitize 100 schools in Gujarat. This initiative will connect schools with:

1. JioTrue5G connectivity 

  1. Advanced Content Platform
  2. Teacher & Student Collaboration Platform
  3. School Management Platform

Through the power of this technology, millions of students across the country will be  facilitated on a digital journey of empowerment through quality education. 

Mr. Akash M Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, said, “We are proud  to share that Gujarat is now the first state to have 100% district headquarters connected  with our robust True 5G network. We want to showcase the real power of this technology  and how it can impact a billion lives.

Education is a focus-area for Our Hon’ble Prime Minister. Imagine the power of having  300-400 million skilled Indians joining the workforce in the next 10-15 years. It will not  only give a better standard of living to each Indian but will also help in realizing our Hon’ble  Prime Minister’s vision of becoming a developed economy by 2047.

Reliance Foundation already runs a program named Education & Sports for All (ESA),  where it enables and empowers youth at the grass-root level with quality-education and  opportunities in sports. Jio and Reliance Foundation will take the ‘Education for All’  initiative to a whole new level by using the powerful 5G-tech along with platforms that  digitize the schools and bring them at par with the best in India and the world.

5G cannot remain an exclusive service available to the privileged few or those in our  largest cities. It must be available to every citizen, every home, and every business across  India. Only then can we dramatically increase productivity, earnings, and living standards  across our entire economy, thereby creating a prosperous and inclusive society in our  country. This is our constant belief, inspired by our We Care philosophy.”

Starting 25th November, Jio users in Gujarat will be invited to the Jio Welcome Offer, to  experience Unlimited Data at up to 1 Gbps+ speeds, at no additional cost. 

Jio True 5G has a three-fold advantage that makes it the only TRUE 5G network in  India: 

  1. Stand-alone 5G architecture with advanced 5G network with Zero dependency on 4G  network 
  2. The largest and best mix of 5G spectrum across 700 MHz, 3500 MHz, and 26 GHz  bands 
  3. Carrier Aggregation that seamlessly combines these 5G frequencies into a single  robust “data highway” using an advanced technology called Carrier Aggregation

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