Genesys International Gets Rs 46 Crore Project from Andhra Pradesh Government

Genesys International Corp has won a INR 46 crore project for resurveying with modern technology using CORS Network, GNSS Receiver, and Aerial Systems from the Andhra Pradesh government.

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Genesys International Corporation, a leading homegrown player in the geospatial services sector, has won a INR 46 crore project for resurveying with modern technology using CORS Network, GNSS Receiver, and Aerial Systems from the Andhra Pradesh government. The project will make use of the company’s recently launched Genesys Constellation, which is India’s most comprehensive range of aerial, mobile, and terrestrial sensors that converts everyday objects into data sources.

The deregulation of geospatial space has provided the industry a significant boost, and it will enable companies like Genesys better serve the public and private sectors. Projects like land titling digitalization are examples of how the public sector is leveraging the latest technologies/initiatives enabled by the deregulation. As part of the project, Genesys Constellation will demarcate residential zones, farms, and other natural and infrastructural characteristics, as well as property mapping and data digitization across the state. The project is planned to be finished this fiscal year.

Mr. Sajid Malik, Chairman and Managing Director of Genesys International Corporation Limited, commented on the collaboration with Andhra Pradesh Government, saying, “We take great pride in our involvement in this important initiative that will modernize Andhra Pradesh’s land records and build a digital infrastructure. For Genesys, key digital infrastructure layers is one of our key focus areas and we are aggressively working with stake holders to solve their pain points.”

Mr. Malik further added, “Accurate land titling is a crucial need of the country to establish clear ownership of property in rural inhabited (Abadi) areas by mapping land parcels and providing a ‘Record of Rights’ to village household owners. The property owners are issued legal ownership cards (Property cards/Title deeds) after ascertaining the plot boundaries accurately.

The resurveying is enabled by the sensors in the Genesys Constellation that provide the biggest swath in the world, which is generated by a single frame that captures more than 25000 pixels. Due to its capacity for acquiring highly accurate data sets at high speeds, it will be able to reduce long-standing problems with land titling and the ensuing legal issues with land records, which obstruct the acquisition of land for numerous infrastructure projects and present serious difficulties.”

Genesys, which has partnered with companies like Google, ESRI and Bentley to launch services such as ‘Street View’ and ‘3D City Digital Twin Solution’, is hopeful that this initiative will further gain momentum in other Indian states and usher in an era of modernization in the land recording.

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