Air India Express & AIX Connect Announce New Grades and Compensation to Attract Top Talent

The revised compensation for AIX Connect and Air India Express represents a big step forward in ensuring that the salaries and benefits provided by the airlines are equitable.

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In another significant stride towards the merger and integration of Air India Express and AIX Connect, the two airlines harmonised and rolled out new grades, compensation, and benefits across the organisation. The new structure streamlines grades and career pathways, enabling greater transparency and career progression opportunities for all employees, and is aligned with the recently rolled out structure and grades at Air India.

The new compensation for Air India Express and AIX Connect marks a significant step forward, ensuring that the remuneration and benefits offered by the airlines are market-competitive and make the airline one of the most preferred employers in the travel and tourism sector. The airlines are focused on attracting and retaining the best talent across functions and fostering a culture of excellence and innovation.

The unified website,, allows users to book and manage services from both airlines on domestic and international sectors with an integrated backend passenger service system. Both airlines have also synergised a host of other ancillary add-on services and sub-brands, including Gourmair in-flight dining, Xpress Prime seats, and Xpress Ahead priority services.

AIXL currently operates flights from 20 Indian cities to 14 regional international destinations, while AIXC serves 19 domestic destinations, complementing each other’s networks to provide an extensive network for flyers across India and short-haul international markets.

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