Budget 2014 Wishlist for Indian Healthcare Sector

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Healthcare in India is limited to some top cities. The penetration of better healthcare services are highly depended upon the mindshare of common people and Government’s focus towards this sector. Moreover, the new government is in action and Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Health and Family Welfare has given priority to emphasize on preventive measures over cure in India’s National Health Policy. The new government will also develop a national health insurance policy and National awareness program promoting healthy lifestyle.

Amol Naikawadi, Joint Managing Director Indus Health Plus says, “This step taken by government is encouraging and by investing in preventive measures individuals spend on healthcare will reduce. Preventive healthcare is need of the hour as lifestyle diseases are on rise. Early detection helps in effective treatment and also increases life expectancy. We are consistently trying to spread awareness and therefore make it imperative for one and all to take preventive health check-up before it’s late”.

“Government should make routine health check – up mandatory from the age of 25 years through healthcare programmes”, added Mr Naikawadi.

Having said the same and budget round the corner, there are a lot of expectations from various people. Amol Naikawadi, Joint Managing Director Indus Health Plus shares healthcare policy recommendation for the new government.

While discussing some of the key points which this sector would like to see in this year’s Union Budget, Naikawadi stated, “In the current scenario health insurance and preventive health check-up are clubbed together under one category for tax benefit. This can be separated to create 2 different categories. This arrangement can help people get a precise and clear incentive to go for a preventive health check-up.”

The Healthcare Wishlist includes:

  1. The tax redemption bar can be increased from Rs.5000 to Rs.15, 000 since the cover is meant not just for one individual but for the family members as well. The motive is to control healthcare expenses to meet the basic needs of the family
  2. Corporates who have a preventive health check – up policy or invest in preventive health check – up for its employees should be given extra benefits
  3. Need to create personal health records and encourage screening of diseases amongst the population
  4. Encourage health institutions to bring new equipment models that are more effective as well as affordable. Reduce the import duty on healthcare equipment’s
  5. India should increase the manufacturing of local goods and medical equipment
  6. Need a strong regulatory forum to bring improvement in overall healthcare industry
  7. To form a separate department with experts to address strong concerns about health of the country
  8. Make it mandatory  for schools & colleges for initiating health programmes for early screening, promoting  positive health


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