Arvog Finance Crosses INR 200 Crore Mark in Loan Disbursement with 100 crores just for Gold Loans

Arvog Finance has achieved this milestone by partnering with its clients and collaborating to help them expand their sourcing, reach & finances.

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Arvog Finance (Finkurve Financial Services Limited) is a modern smart-tech-enabled diversified finance and venture growth investment company that has been attributed with lending simple yet pertinent Finance and Leisure products and services. The platform has been providing products and services such as Micro loans, Gold Loans, Education financing (Edtech), School fee financing since 2019. Over the years, it has reinforced its market position in the fintech industry by disbursing over  INR 200 crore loans disbursed for 90,000 plus cases out of which INR  100 crores have been disbursed just for 7000 plus Gold Loan cases with an exclusive partnership with Augmont Gold For All. The brand has demonstrated a year-on-year growth of 215% in the year 2020 and 764% in 2021. Through this milestone achievement, the company is all set to make strides to further bolster its business growth.

Arvog Finance has achieved this milestone by partnering with its clients and collaborating to help them expand their sourcing, reach & finances. The brand’s operational flexibility helps the fintechs work efficiently and concentrate on their core business. The company that started out with just 2 partners and 6000 cases in its first year, now successfully has on board 6 partners and a total of 75,000+ cases. Arvog’s key USP lies in offering its partners a customised repayment structure and rate of interest that works specifically for them, making the back-end processes easier and their journey efficient.

The company’s smart technology has also aided them immensely for disbursals and to make the end customer journey easier for their partners. Through their Smart tech, Arvog has an API tech stack ready, which helps them communicate with DSAs via the system, minimising manual intervention for a smoother experience. They also have an AI engine for their credit underwriting that enhances their credit analysis. In the upcoming years, the brand envisions to grow its disbursals quarter to quarter and reach an AUM of INR 250 crores for gold loans. The brand further aims to have more smart partnerships in place and dive deeper into the segments they are currently lending to. To expedite the process for lenders, Arvog Finance also aims to have on board a simple model by creating an end-to-end retail loan management system that will help work with fintechs efficiently. Arvog is working towards having  a robust technology that can scale operations, simultaneously have more partnerships and products, with a core focus on Micro and Gold loans, leverage existing data to make suitable products and services in  the long – run, and deep collaborations with their existing partners.

According to Priyank Kothari, Director, Arvog Finance says, “This accomplishment lends us a further stimulus to implement our growth plans. Fintechs being our customers, we aim to give them more flexibility in operations through capital commitment, which in turn gives them more confidence to dive deep into their core functioning. We are constantly updating our  operational flows to avoid risk and have an edge on competitors. The gold tech industry is rapidly penetrating, which has led to noteworthy demand in loans against gold. Our strong banking partnerships have helped us magnify our business operations to new regions. This tactical approach has accelerated the brand’s exponential growth. In the forthcoming years, we have aggressive plans to venture into new cities and strike new strategic partnerships.”

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