Andhra Pradesh Govt to Set Up A Task Force to Boost Investment from France

Andhra Pradesh Govt to Set Up A Task Force to Boost Investment from France

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The Andhra Pradesh (AP) government is planning to set up a task force to bring in investments from France in the state, said Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister of AP, PV Ramesh.

Ramesh met with a 39-member delegation from France led by VICAT Chairman and CEO Guy Sidos.

AP Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy said the government has prioritized the development of MSMEs and boost investments in those sectors.

Minister of Agriculture Kurasala Kannababu explained the possibilities to establish agriculture, food processing, cold warehouses and warehouses in the state.

The government is encouraging young entrepreneurs and the opportunities in the automobile, pharma and IT sectors are high, said Chief Secretary to Government of AP, L V Subramanyam.

Guy Sidos, who heads the France team, said the country hosts a “MEDEF” meeting annually with about 7100 private companies and 55 CEOs.

Officials in the delegation discussed long-term deals on investment, education and technical cooperation. The Vijayawada Vijaya Diary was reviewed by a team led by Guy Sidos of France. The team visited the Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Plant in Ibrahimpatnam, Krishna district, to discover the possibilities of investment in Power sector.

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