ACT Fibernet Join Hands with Netflix

ACT Fibernet’s customers on select long-term plans will get access to a Netflix Basic Plan at no extra cost.

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ACT Fibernet, India’s flagship fiber broadband ISP (Internet Service Providers), announced a new partnership with Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, to kickstart 2023. ACT Fibernet’s customers on select long-term plans will get access to a Netflix Basic Plan at no extra cost. ACT and Netflix will launch the  #TwoGoodtobeTrue campaign to highlight the benefits of the ACT and Netflix bundle.

“Our unique ACT SmartFiber® technology provides advanced capabilities that enable the fastest broadband speeds, seamless service, and the best streaming experience for our customers. In line with our brand promise of Feel the Advantage – we are delighted to partner with Netflix. Through this partnership our customers can access a  Netflix subscription as part of our bundles at no extra cost, “said – Ravi Karthik, Head of Marketing, Customer Experience and Innovation Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd

Gaurav Pradhan, Director of Business Development, Netflix India, and Southeast Asia, said, “We’re delighted to expand our incredible relationship with ACT Fibernet. We are seeing a huge appetite for local and global stories across India. The combination of our growing collection of must watch stories, along with the work we have done behind the scenes on dubbing and subtitles have made these stories more accessible to wider audiences. With our continued investment in South Indian films and series and ACT Fibernet’s national reach and large South Indian footprint, the partnership will enable ACT’s customers to access Netflix with their broadband plans.”

ACT Streaming bundles come with significant benefits. The top three benefits are detailed  below:

  1. This offer is applicable across all cities of ACT Fibernet operations. This will be applicable to both existing customers of ACT Fibernet who switch to ACT Streaming bundle and to new customers who select ACT Streaming bundle. These plans are listed in the table below. For e.g., ACT Fibernet users on the 6-month plan in Hyderabad at Rs 799 have Netflix included. The 6-month plan starts at Rs 799 in Delhi and Rs 820 in Chennai.
  2. Existing customers who want to upgrade to Netflix Standard or Netflix Premium from their Netflix Basic Plan, can do so, and pay only the differential amount. For e.g., a customer on ACT Netflix bundle plan, upgrades to Standard plan of Netflix Rs 499 p.m., will pay an incremental amount of Rs 300 per month. Customers can pay for this differential amount via their ACT broadband bill.
  3. If a customer already subscribes to Netflix directly, they can opt to switch to the ACT Streaming Bundle (by paying just for ACT’s broadband plan) and get Netflix at no additional cost.


Sr.noCityName of the PlanSpeedData (FUP)Price
1AhmedabadACT Advantage Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
2AhmedabadACT Lightning Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data999
3AhmedabadACT Remarkable Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1899
4BangaloreACT Blaze Streaming150 Mbps1500 GB1085
5BangaloreACT Storm Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1185
6BangaloreACT Lightning Streaming400 MbpsUnlimited Data1425
7BangaloreACT Incredible500 MbpsUnlimited Data1999
8BangaloreACT Giga1GbpsUnlimited Data5999
9ChennaiACT Basic Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data820
10ChennaiACT Blaze Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1020
11ChennaiACT Blast Promo Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1075
12ChennaiACT Storm Streaming400 MbpsUnlimited Data1125
13ChennaiACT Lightning Streaming450 MbpsUnlimited Data1325
14ChennaiACT Incredible500 MbpsUnlimited Data1999
15ChennaiACT Giga1GbpsUnlimited Data2999
16CoimbatoreACT Rush Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data825
17CoimbatoreACT Sprint Streaming250 MbpsUnlimited Data1025
18CoimbatoreACT Race Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1125
19CoimbatoreACT Zoom Streaming350 MbpsUnlimited Data1325
20CoimbatoreACT Bolt Streaming400 MbpsUnlimited Data1499
21DelhiACT Silver Promo Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data799
22DelhiACT Platinum Promo Streaming250 MbpsUnlimited Data1049
23DelhiACT Diamond Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1349
24DelhiACT DELGIGA1GbpsUnlimited Data1999
25EluruACT Silver Plus Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
26EluruACT Gold Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1049
27GunturGuntur Silver Plus Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
28GunturGuntur Gold Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1049
29HyderabadACT A-Max 799 Streaming100 MbpsUnlimited Data799
30HyderabadACT A-Max 1075 Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1075
31HyderabadACT A-Max 1325 Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1325
32HyderabadACT A-Max 1999400 MbpsUnlimited Data1999
33HyderabadACT Giga N1GbpsUnlimited Data2499
34JaipurACT Silver Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
35JaipurACT Gold Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data999
36JaipurACT Platinum Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1249
37KakinadaACT Gold Streaming125 MbpsUnlimited Data699
38KakinadaACT Diamond Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data999
39LucknowACT Silver Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
40LucknowACT Gold Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data999
41LucknowACT Platinum Streaming300 MbpsUnlimited Data1249
42MaduraiACT Gold Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data799
43NelloreACT Diamond Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data749
44NelloreACT Platinum Streaming200 MbpsUnlimited Data1049
45RajahmundryACT Gold Streaming125 MbpsUnlimited Data699
46RajahmundryACT Diamond Streaming150 MbpsUnlimited Data999



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