131st Canton Fair Promotes Regional Industry Clusters in Less-Developed Areas

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A milestone to empower regional development and enable new development to the economy, the designated “Rural Vitalization” zone at the ongoing 131st China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) is bringing 974 exhibitors from less-developed areas online to support them in taking the first step from home to abroad with their specialized products.

“The Canton Fair has made remarkable achievements in echoing the country’s poverty alleviation strategy and consolidating rural vitalization by having these exhibitors joining us and promoting their products to the world,” said Alan Liu, Deputy Director General of Foreign Affairs Office of Canton Fair, “This year we are pleased to see them further explore the international markets.”

Canton Fair Drives Revenue to the Local Community

To help companies tackle challenges in doing business due to geographic limitations, Canton Fair developed a creative supporting module with the “Rural Vitalization” zone. It provides exhibitors with services that can help them get essential knowledge of international trade to better receive intentions, including international marketing capabilities, and matchmaking with potential customers.

Kaimili, an export company from China’s Yunan province, is introducing their specialized rice dumplings and porcini bun at their first showcase at the Canton Fair this session. The company comes from a local county that has been alleviated from poverty in 2019. The company’s products also include a range of Yunnan agricultural products such as mushrooms, peppers and artichokes.

Tan Ting, business development manager of the Company who is looking forward to her journey at the Canton Fair, said that the company is expecting to raise its sales volume to help more local farmers to increase their income.

“In the context of COVID-19 pandemic, the Canton Fair provides us with an opportunity to help the local community to grow and improve the living standard, as we can communicate with customers online so that we can easily discuss business and take orders at our doorsteps,” said Tan.

Designated platform to support new development of local clusters

The actions of supporting companies from less-developed areas can be traced back to 2017, as the Canton Fair has been setting up a specialized products zone for seven consecutive years, which has been a highlight in poverty alleviation.

Enquan, a Jiangxi-based company that specializes in camellia oil products, is expanding its business through the Canton Fair’s special exhibition. Zhao Enquan, chairman of the company, noted that after participating in the Canton Fair for many years, the company has made its products more popular with many successful business cases. Now the company owns a 60,000-acres camellia oil base that can lead local villagers to improve their living standards.

“With thanks to Canton Fair, we have increasingly expanded our annual sales scale. Now we are bringing more economic, social and ecological benefits to our local community with 20,000-arces camellia oil forests newly planted in 8 local towns and 22 villages.” Zhao said.

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