10,000 Online Sellers are now Under Snapdeal’s GST Guru Program

Snapdeal announced that its recently launched GST Guru program has now achieved the mark of 10,000 online sellers accessing the program, within the first few weeks of its launch.

10,000 Online Sellers are now Under Snapdeal’s GST Guru Program

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NEW DELHI: As part of the GST Guru, Snapdeal is offering sellers an exhaustive range of resources to ensure they are up to speed with impending policy changes. The GST 101 series of weekly newsletters offers information around the top areas of concern for sellers, and helps them prepare for the big shift. Likewise, a Weekly Business Digest that addresses pressing topics for sellers as and when they emerge is running special editions on GST compliance. Additionally, Snapdeal will also provide accounting and taxation advice to sellers, in collaboration with subject experts.
The GST Guru is another addition to a spate of initiatives that Snapdeal has launched to enable its sellers derive the maximum benefit from the marketplace, as well as e-commerce overall.

Vishal Chadha, Senior Vice President, Business said, “We are happy to see the response to our GST offering. We work closely with our sellers to understand their evolving needs and changing market scenarios, and accordingly provide them the support they need to derive maximum benefit from the marketplace. We will continue making such improvements based on the inputs from our business partners.”

Besides the GST Guru, Snapdeal also provides year around handholding to sellers through various mediums. Snapdeal has invested deeply in building a resource rich but intuitive repository of all things Snapdeal —  from the simplest of questions like how to list a product to more nuanced topics like how to interpret financial reports. Sellers can easily perform a Google like search on any query and receive the answers in a format of their choice (written FAQs/video/step by step guides), within minutes.  The Snapdeal Seller Training Academy You Tube channel which offers information on a wide range of topics through 100+ videos relevant across seller lifecycle, receives over 2 lakh views on a monthly basis.


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