TCS Offered Major Hike for All Employees

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One of the biggest recruiters from Indian engineering institutes, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has extended an offer to about 1,000 freshers with new-age digital skills almost double the salary it normally pays. The entry-level salary of those coming out of campuses in the IT industry has for the past decade so far been restricted at about Rs 3.5 lakh per annum for the past decade, but the technology service firm has decided to offer a starting salary of about Rs 6.5 lakh to candidates with digital skills, according to a Times of India report.

TCS usually visits its accredited colleges to hold a test followed by an interview. The company has also redesigned its selection process and instead of visiting colleges it will reportedly now hold an online National Qualifier Test (NQT).

From this year, candidates who perform exceedingly well in the company’s online NQT, will also be allowed an opportunity to take digital skills-based examination.

The selection of candidates was based on their clearing a test focused on new digital areas. The test involves programming with a higher degree of difficulty compared to the NQT.

Ajoy Mukherjee, executive VP and head of global human resources, TCS, told media that the earlier process is going to be largely replaced by the NQT, adding, “People who have done well in the NQT will get a chance to write another test  for the digital talent pool, and if they clear and go through the interview, then they will get into the get into the digital talent pool, and if they clear and go through the interview, then they will get into the digital pool and their compensation will be differentiated.”

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