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How to Select Riders in Term Plans?

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Riders play an important role in term insurance plan. You get many additional benefits by just paying a nominal additional cost. Every term insurance firm like ICICI Prudential, PNB MetLife, Max Life, and others provides various riders. You may not need all the riders, just analyze which one is suitable and buy it accordingly. Before understanding riders, you must have a thorough understanding about various types of rides available with term insurance plans. Some of them are as follows.

S.No. Term Insurance- Riders
1.Premium Waiver
2.Critical illness
3.Death by Accidents
4.Permanent Disability
5.Terminal Illness Benefits
6.Benefit of Income Rider

Before choosing a suitable rider, you must understand these riders thoroughly. Each of them has been elaborated below.

Premium Waiver Rider

Through this rider, you can stop paying the amount of premium after some time. You may need to pay little more in this term insurance rider initially but later can stop making any payment. This is good for people who are fine to spend more amount initially. By buying this rider they save themselves the hassle of making the payment of premium again and again.

Critical Illness Rider

There are lots of illness that can prove to be deadly if not treated on time. Moreover, they may not be covered in term insurance claim. In order to cover such illnesses, you need to take a specific rider related to the critical illness. Rider may also cover the treatment of the illness based on the kind of term policy chosen.

Death by Accidents

Normally death occurring due to accidents is not covered in term policy. But by taking an accident rider you can cover the death arising out of accidents as well.

Permanent Disability Due to Accident

With the help of this rider, the policyholder can take the claim at the time of any dismemberment during an accident. Any accident that can make you unfit to earn the income can be covered as well with the help of this rider.

Terminal Illness Rider

Any disease that can lead to death can be covered through this rider. Some such diseases can be fourth stage cancer, HIV and few others.

Income Advantage Rider

This rider can help in enhancing the duration of claim installment that beneficiary can get.

After selecting the rider you can easily buy it through an online comparison site. You will get an access to go through their free blogs, web pages, and news as well. To make the process more efficient they also provide the free online premium calculator. You just need to enter few basic details as tabulated below.

Sno.Online Premium Calculator
3.Annual Income
5.Smoking Habit
6.Pre-Existing Disease


After entering the details above you can get quotes from leading term insurance companies. After getting the details of the amount of premium from various term plans you can also compare their features.  For choosing right term policy you must consider lots of factors. Amount of premium can just be one of the reasons for choosing the desired term plan. You may analyze many other attributes such as their claim settlement ratio, rider benefits or any other additional feature. Once you have selected term plan then you can easily buy it online.

If you choose to buy term plan online then you may need to pay even the lesser amount for the same. Making payment is also quite a secure simple and fast as well on an online platform. You may have multiple ways of making the payment too. Payments can be made through NEFT, IMPS, wallet banking or any other online payment method. As soon as you make the payment you can get term plan within a few seconds in inbox. You also get other benefits as is available on other buying channels. You get the free-look period that can be anywhere between 15 to 30 days. Within this tenure, you can surrender policy without any deduction in the premium amount. Choose term plan and rider with ease through an online platform. You will end up paying the least but get the best features in the same.

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