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Handle the Faulty Drive with Ultra Care

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Yes, if the hard drive gets faulty, it has to be handled carefully and by doing so, we can save not just our data but also our hard drive. Article by Mr Sharad Srivastava,  Founder& MD, ReStor Lab

A research showed that over 60% of faulty hard drives can be refurbished and reused. But this can be achieved by simple and safe ways of handling.

When your external hard drive fails, it can do so for all the same reasons an internal drive can fail. In many cases, the drive may not have serious problem and it may be rectifiable. In other simple terms, the broken connectivity or other fault up to a great extend can be easily repairable. Hard disk drives’ s Media which stores your data  and head which  read and write the data on media, are non-repairable . These two key components are very fragile and get damaged with slightest shock and vibration, so precautions must be taken to handle hard disk drives very carefully.  If media and head is protected (safe), the chances of data recovery and the HDD repair is  90 -95%.

But before even attempting to explore the internal parts, you have to understand how your hard drive needs to be handled in that situation.  A faulty hdd should be handles as carefully as new drive,  Thisprecaution can save lot of time and money for you.

There are certain do’s and don’t s of such hard drive handling.

Don’t Kock it, Don’t shock it ,don’t stack it, don’t drop it !!

just handle with care !!!!

Pictoral Display of proper Hard Drive handling

Handling the Hard Drive handling-dont-3








We all know the importance of backing up our data. Most of us even practice the data backup activity as per a fixed schedule. But very few of us knew the relevance and importance of handling the Hard disk drive especially faulty hard drives carefully.

Not all faulty drives can be junk. And before accepting them as Junk we must try to refurbish them in order to pay our responsibility towards controlling e-Waste. Saving money is an additional lucrative benefit of this approach.

For more details, visit www.ReStor.Co

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