Useful Forex Tips and Strategies to Implement

If a beginner enters the phrase "Forex strategies" into Google, then the number of results can scare him and discourage him, there are so many of them.

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Sep 16, 2022 05:36 IST
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Forex is considered the most popular and, at the same time, according to traders, the most liquid financial exchange in the world. Therefore, even one name of Forex excites the minds of beginners who want to conquer it, and the authority of the exchange attracts more and more new participants. Each trader in the financial market tries to develop his own safe investment strategy. But, as always happens, only some of them will be effective. If a beginner enters the phrase "Forex strategies" into Google, then the number of results can scare him and discourage him, there are so many of them.

To understand this issue, all strategies can be divided into: 

  • Basic;
  • Intermediate;
  • and advanced.

The basic strategies will be discussed in this article.

If you talk about the best Forex strategies, then, obviously, simple options. Really, everything that is simple, those are the best. Therefore, it is necessary for beginners to master the basics of trading, only if they can bring more advanced methods to their strategy.

Here is a reminder that Forex strategies will need to accomplish one main task - the elimination of high quality will win for an hour please. Not everyone has time to follow the exchange 24 hours a day, especially for beginners. Therefore, a Forex strategy should not only be easy to use, but also not take much time to execute.

If you ask a trader what a strategy for making income on a financial exchange is, he will answer that this is a well-thought-out plan of his actions in order to have the greatest success and at the same time prevent large losses.

During the transaction, the player must concentrate and make a decision without having full information about the result, in this case will and intuition come to the rescue, which compensate a little for the lack of knowledge.

Forex strategy and tactics can be described as a set of rules that take into account the conclusions of analyzes that a trader uses to determine when it is time to make a trade on the exchange. Therefore, everything depends on the clarity of the developed trading strategy, because this is what reduces the risk of losing money

Very often experts teach beginners to be disciplined, because discipline is the main rule of trading. They advise never to rely on emotions, but to firmly stick to your strategy.

If it is developed on the basis of proven archival data, which speaks of a high-quality Forex trading strategy that really works, then the beginner will be sure of a good result. Confidence in success will help you follow the rules of your strategy and not violate discipline.

A List of Simple Forex Trading Strategies for Beginner Traders, their Advantages and Disadvantages

The first two strategies are simple because they are trend following tactics. A trend in this case is when there is a strong increase or a strong fall in quotations. Another strategy is to trade using the difference in price between two currencies.

Forex Strategy "Simple Trend Following"

What trend is followed? This is a trend that is based on the analysis of market prices, while technologically it is necessary to move in one chosen direction for a long time. The trend-following system is characterized by the fact that it signals the possibility of connecting to a trend. This type of strategy is a simple Forex trading strategy. There are a lot of trend following strategies on the market. At first glance, each may look different, but ultimately they are meant to point to the same trend direction.

A simple trend-following forex strategy can bring big profits. In fact, the market has shown that a large number of people using this strategy are making above average returns. However, there are a few downsides worth noting, here they are:

  • It's hard to follow the rules;
  • Long-term trends can be rare;
  • There are often false trend signals. According to this strategy, only some of them are profitable.

It seems that there are only three points, but it is very difficult to follow the previously developed rules.

It is also necessary to know that a trend-oriented Forex strategy requires large investments. This keeps the player in the game with little strategy adjustment. Overall, this Forex strategy is easy to understand, but may not be suitable for beginners.

Forex Trading Strategy "Breakthrough" - How to Apply it Correctly

When a trend period begins on the Forex exchange, players call it a period of high volatility, and during periods of lateral movement, a time of low volatility begins. There is also a Forex exchange strategy "Volatility Breakthrough". To trade using the Breakthrough system, you only need to learn how to correctly identify and use trading strategy signals in trading. They are very simple, but require special care.

A Strategy for Joining a Downtrend or Uptrend

This trading strategy will indicate the moment of opening a position on a breakthrough of consolidation, that is, the balance between supply and demand. Sometimes the market consolidates between resistance and support zones. Quotes move in a narrow price range. A breakout occurs when a price break the upper or lower band of the consolidation. Before a trend can break, a breakout must occur. In this case, a breakout is a signal for a trend and opening a position.

However, there is one problem. Not every breakthrough turns into a trend. It is worth noting that trading strategies also rely on proper asset management. 

A new high on the chart heralds an uptrend, while a lower low heralds a downtrend. How can a trader estimate the duration of a trend? It all depends on the duration of the interval to which it focuses. A break above the previous high on a longer timeframe would mean a more likely long-term trend. In turn, breaking through a new peak in the interval will be a signal of a short-term trend.

So, by choosing a time interval, you can define the trend you want to participate in. In the case of a shorter time interval, the trader's transactions will be short-term, if you choose a longer time interval, then long-term.


The most important thing that a novice trader needs to remember is that the best Forex trading strategy is the one that is comfortable for him to work with. Do not use trading strategies that you do not understand and do not try to copy the work of other traders. 

Develop your own strategy and try to constantly improve it. An effective Forex strategy is one that brings pleasure. Building your own trading strategy is a very difficult task, but it will definitely pay off. 

In this case, it is necessary to take into account your resistance to stress, the time you devote to trading, the ratio of risk and income. If you take into account these recommendations, then it will be much easier to develop your own strategy.