UPS Gave USD 25 Million Order for Tesla Semi Trucks

UPS Gave USD 25 Million Order for Tesla Semi Trucks

UPS will buy 125 of the all-electric Tesla Semi trucks from Tesla Motors. This order is valued at around $25 million.

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Tesla Semi from Tesla seems to have impressed market buyers. The latest news  came from UPS which unleashed it’s plan to buy 125 of the all-electric semi trucks from Tesla. That’s the largest single order for the Semi as on date.

The Tesla trucks are around $200,000 each, which puts this order at around $25 million.

“For more than a century, UPS has led the industry in testing and implementing new technologies for more efficient fleet operations. We look forward to expanding further our commitment to fleet excellence with Tesla,” said Juan Perez, UPS chief information and engineering officer.

UPS has shared delivery and performance data it has collected with Tesla as part of the process for UPS to evaluate the potential real-world performance of the truck. UPS said that it often shares data with companies on the edge of new vehicle tech because it helps to develop a solution that will work for UPS.

The new order is part of the company’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12 percent by 2025. Part of that goal is to ensure 25 percent of the electricity it uses is renewable by that year. It also plans to make sure that one in four vehicles purchased by 2020 will be alternative fuel or advanced technology.

UPS currently operates one of the largest private alternative technology transport fleets in the U.S. Its operation includes 8,500 electric, hybrid, natural gas, and renewable gas vehicles around the world.

The Tesla Semi is expected to have a 500-mile range on a single charge and offer much quicker acceleration than current diesel tricks. It will also have extensive active safety features like automatic braking and adaptive cruise control.

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