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UN Special Magazine Highlights Health4Life Fund

A ambitious new United Nations multi-partner trust fund called the Health4Life Fund (H4LF) is collaborating with low- and middle-income nations to intensify domestic action against non-communicable illnesses.

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As part of its commitment to system reform, the United Nations has been promoting Pooled Funding mechanisms for several years through Multi Partner Trust Funds and Joint Programs. Essentially, this means UN sister agencies working together, aligning programs, budgets, resources, and prioritizing country led initiatives.

Health4Life Fund (H4LF) is a bold new United Nations multi-partner trust fund working with low- and middle-income countries to scale up domestic action on non-communicable diseases and mental health that will reduce associated premature loss of life, undue suffering, and detrimental socio-economic impacts. H4LF was established in 2021 by WHO, UNDP and UNICEF with Kenya, Thailand, and Uruguay as initial Founding Strategic Partners. It promotes Global South-led collaboration and partnership to support countries realize health-related SDG targets through multisectoral, participatory and inclusive approaches. At country level, these innovative pooled funds mechanisms act as “the muscle” of the UN Reform, help increase coherence and reduce the fragmentation created by a plethora of separate projects. Further, they reduce transaction costs by promoting harmonized reporting.

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