Under Pressure Theresa May Urged UK Parliament To Support Her Stand on Brexit

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UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May who is known for supporting her stand on Brexit is under tremendous pressure today. The UK parliament is going for a confidence vote on the issue of Brexit today. Theresa May has told, rather warned, MPs that rejecting her Brexit deal would be a “subversion of democracy”.

She made the claim during an address at the House of Commons on the eve of a crucial vote on her divorce deal with Brussels. Watch the video in the player above.

Britain’s prime minister — facing a defeat on Tuesday — urged MPs to look again at the agreement.

“I say to members on all sides of this house, whatever you may have previously concluded, over these next 24 hours, give this deal a second look,” she said.

“No, it’s not perfect. It’s a compromise. But when the history books are written people look at the decisions of this house.”

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn responded by saying if May’s deal was rejected on Tuesday it would be time for a general election and a new government.

If MPs reject May’s separation agreement with Brussels on Tuesday it could open up a range of outcomes including a fresh election and a second referendum.

May, speaking earlier in Stoke-on-Trent, claim that MPs blocking Brexit was now more likely than leaving the EU without a deal.

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