Top Study Destinations in 2024 for Indian Students

To ease student concerns about studying abroad, Prodigy Finance   has shared some of the best countries for Indian students to consider. You can always find more schools that Prodigy Finance supports in top study destinations

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Studying abroad can be one of the best choices for your career. Gaining a top-notch education, not to mention learning different cultures and languages is a bonus during the process; however, many students aim to study abroad but don't know which country is best for them. Leaving your home country for another country where your family and friends won't be around can be challenging, and it requires proper planning before you even think of moving. To ease student concerns about studying abroad, Prodigy Finance   has shared some of the best countries for Indian students to consider. You can always find more schools that Prodigy Finance supports in these top study destinations at

The United States:  The Land of  opportunities and knowledge, with some of the world's most esteemed universities like Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology , and Stanford offering an unparalleled academic experience. Whether you're a tech-savvy individual or an aspiring star in a glamorous industry, the country has something to offer for everyone.

Australia: If you are an Indian student looking to pursue higher education abroad but unsure about where to go? Australia could be the perfect study destination for you! This diverse and welcoming country has remained a top choice for Indian students. Recent studies show that India is the second-largest source country for international student enrolment in Australia, with over 1,22,000 Indian students studying there between January and September 2023. If you're an Indian student planning to study abroad, Australia is worth considering. Not only will you be able to meet many fellow Indians there, but you'll also have access to some of the best universities in the world. From the prestigious Australian National University, Griffith University, James Cook University, Macquarie University, University of Sydney, University of Tasmania, and University of Canberra, there's an institution for every interest and career path. Let's not forget about the stunning natural beauty and diverse culture that Australia has to offer. It's no wonder that so many students choose to call this country their second home!

Germany: Known for its reputation for providing quality education and is home to some of the world's top universities such as the Technical University of Munich, Heidelberg University, University of Freiburg, Ludwig Maximilian the University of Munich, and Freie Universität Berlin. The country offers a multicultural environment, an affordable lifestyle, and delicious food. If you're feeling homesick while studying in Germany, there are plenty of scenic locations to explore that can help you feel more connected to nature and remind you of home and if you have a taste for nightlife Germany may surprise you with their nightlife styles.

Singapore: According to the Ministry of External Affairs, Singapore currently has over 10,000 Indian students pursuing higher education there. Singapore offers a world-class education system and serves as a gateway to Southeast Asia's growing economies. Universities like National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University  are globally recognised for their academic excellence and focus on employability, apart from quality education and career development. Singapore is a multicultural society that welcomes students from all over the world.

Ireland: Ireland has seen a significant increase in the number of Indian students applying to study abroad in 2023, with 7,000 Indian students. This figure is ten times higher compared to a decade ago. It's no surprise given the quality of education in Ireland, which is considered one of the best education systems globally, with an internationally recognized reputation for academic excellence. Moreover, 34 higher education institutions in Ireland offer over 5,000 programs leading to internationally recognized and quality-assured qualifications.


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