TelioEV Gets ‘Star EV Solution Provider Award’

· TelioEV, An Electric vehicle charging management software platform provider was honored at the Indian EV & Mobility Awards in Mumbai.

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TelioEV won ‘Star EV Solution Provider Award’

TelioEV, An Electric vehicle charging management software platform provider has been awarded ‘STAR EV Solution Provider of the Year’ at the recently held Indian EV & Mobility Awards show in Mumbai organized by Opportunity India & Franchise India Brands Limited.  The Star EV Solution Provider Award - Best software solution award was given to Mukesh Kumar Bansal, Chief Technology Officer at TelioEV

TelioEV is a startup powered by TelioLabs, a green tech innovation company with a focus on utilising technology for sustainability. TelioEV aims to solve the challenges, and provides SAAS solutions for EV charging management. TelioEV’s SAAS solution enables EV Charger manufacturers and Charge point operators to get max ROI on their charging Infrastructure, attract more EV users and manage their EV charger network. TelioEV helps the user know the whereabouts of all the nearest EV charging stations.

Mukesh Kumar Bansal, CTO of TelioEV expressed his thoughts after receiving the award by stating, “We are delighted to receive this award.  This award is a testament to our dedication and hard work in providing the best software solutions for EV users and service providers.”

Dr. Lalit Singh, Chief Growth Officer at TelioEV said that "This award will motivate us to keep enhancing our software for EV stake holders across the world. The TelioEV platform will be a game changer in the EV charging space in India. "

TelioEV is the EV charging software platform that is developing a large, smart, and cost-effective EV charging network. TelioEV CMS is built to be robust and helps to scale regardless of how many stations one adds, and TelioEV CMS architecture balances the load. By developing an EV ecosystem, TelioEV aims to bring down emissions by up to 75%. TelioEV aims to be a one-stop destination for electric vehicle charging management solutions and is working on "Mission Million" to manage 1 Million EV chargers through TelioEV solutions.

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