Sports Digest Teams Up with SiGMA World Eurasia Summit in Dubai

SiGMA World’s passion to touch new frontiers is demonstrated by their meticulous planning in bringing the best of the world from the industry under one roof.

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Sports Digest Partners with SiGMA World Eurasia

SiGMA World Eurasia Summit in Dubai

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Sports Digest partners with SiGMA World Eurasia Summit in Dubai, Feb 25-27, 2024. Join the global iGaming event for networking and business opportunities.

Carrying on its commitment to enhance the coverage of iGaming, Sports Digest entered into a media partnership with SiGMA World Eurasia Summit, scheduled to be held in Dubai, 25-27 February 2024.  SiGMA World is one of the most renowned names gathering all stakeholders from the segment in their path breaking events. Their expertise in getting the key players from all over the world for networking, knowledge sharing and promoting business opportunities is a well established norm now. For each region there is a particular activity already earmarked by their team. The start of year 2024 starts with one of the hottest global destination of Asia, Dubai. There would hardly be any country specially in Asia who would not be familiar with the Visit Dubai campaign. It seems to be present everywhere.

SiGMA Worldwide Success

SiGMA World’s passion to touch new frontiers is demonstrated by their meticulous planning in bringing the best of the world from the industry under one roof. Covering the regions of MENA, ASEAN, Europe and Americas, they have positioned an event for each geography and have been fairly successful in generating both interest and innovation.

Sports Digest with its objective of covering whats good for sports and SiGMA World focussing on whats good for business, the partnership aims to foster collective aims and forge new possibilities. With its sizeable reach across multiple geographies, Sports Digest would work on amplifying the noise levels of SiGMA event through media coverage and promotion.

SiGMA World with a specialist and passionate team has carved a niche for its events in the iGaming industry and has become a benchmark for others to follow. With equal importance to regulatory aspects and the interest of business, they have been able to deliver meaningful outcomes and the same has been echoed by industry players.

With an expected footfall of close to 16000 delegates, 400 speakers, 1300 operators, 250 exhibitors it promises to be a show stopper in its segment. 9000 affiliates and 48% C-Level executives will also land at SiGMA World Eurasia in Dubai to witness the discussions and the deliberations making it a not be missed event. With Dubai on its map, SiGMA World has demonstrated its focus on being the torch bearer to move the industry further. Dubai is seen as a business friendly destination and with SiGMA World making its entry the exposure would touch a new high. For all those planning to be a part of this phenomenal activity, they can register on and explore the excitement and the networking opportunities.


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