PM Modi Hails Palestine’s Nation Building efforts

PM Modi Hails Palestine’s Nation Building efforts

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed India’s support to Palestine’s nation building effort.

In a press statement, Modi said India is a very old ally in Palestine’s nation-building efforts.

“We have cooperation in the areas of training, technology, infrastructure development, project assistance and budgetary support,” he said.

He also praised the remarkable courage and perseverance has been displayed by the people of Palestine in the face of constant challenges and crises.

“You have demonstrated rock like determination to deal with the circumstances and that too at a time when there was an atmosphere of instability and insecurity which hampers progress and which puts in jeopardy the benefits which have been acquired after significant struggle,” Modi said.

India has started a Technology Park project here in Ramallah which is currently under construction. After its creation, we hope that this institution will work as a center which enhances employment skills and services.

India is also collaborating to set up an Institute of Diplomacy in Ramallah.

“I am happy that during this visit we are extending our development cooperation. India will continue to invest in Palestine in the projects of health, educational infrastructure and women empowerment center and also in a printing press,” Modi said.

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