Pause For Privacy: MYn App Calls For A Nationwide Social Media Blackout On Data Privacy Day

This Data Privacy Day, unplug from social media to plug into Privacy. MYn urges the nation to show support for Right to Privacy by committing to a culture of privacy, trust, and ownership

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MYn App, a made-in-India for the world Super App, calls people for a one hour nation-wide social media blackout on Friday, 28th January 2022 at 5 PM, on Data Privacy Day. MYn, an app that functions on 100% privacy and zero targeted advertisements was launched to disrupt the contemporary social media, commerce, and workplace landscape, is an advocate for Right to Privacy. This hour-long social media pause, a movement initiated by MYn App, is a sign of silent protest against all forms of privacy and data violation occurring in our day-to-day social media environment.

Access to the internet has become increasingly centralized due to modern day applications, especially social media applications, leading to a rise in concerns regarding data privacy and data security. Consumers are sharing their data, but there are no rules or regulations in place to take action in case one’s data is misused. It's about the citizens being the sovereign. Thus, Data Privacy Day is observed every year on 28th January to raise awareness around the importance of privacy, to empower individuals to stand for their personal and web privacy, to enable trust, and to create a culture of owning one’s privacy responsibilities. It is imperative that every person who is a part of the online environment today knows the where, what, and how of their personal information. Therefore, with this social media blackout, MYn calls one and all to stand in solidarity for personal and web privacy by switching off from social media for a duration of one hour and be a voice that stands for the best and safest privacy practices in the online as well as offline environment.

In light of growing concerns surrounding frequent data breaches by commonly used social media apps, MYn believes that it is only time the digital community firmly stood against the same and strived for a data-protected cyber experience. The time is now to prioritize privacy in the digital space, and one way to amplify this movement is by collectively social distancing from social media for a solid one hour on the occasion of Data Privacy Day.

How to participate in the Social Media Silence:

  1. Spread the word about the movement and the need for data privacy.
  2. Switch off from all social media applications from 5 to 6 PM, on 28th of January.
  3. Encourage your friends and family to join in on the same.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. A.S. Rajgopal, Founder, MYn App said, “I urge all media organisations, government agencies and my fellow citizens to lift up their voices against violation of data privacy, which is a pressing issue in today’s times. Privacy is a fundamental right. It is my fundamental right and your fundamental right. Let’s come together and claim what’s rightly ours. Join me in this nation-wide social media blackout on the 28th of January from 5 to 6pm, this Data Privacy Day.”

MYn is a made-in-India for the world Super App that is geared to reimagine and disrupt the current/contemporary social media, commerce, and workplace landscape. Consumers can now discover, interact and transact on a secure end-to-end encrypted system. MYn offers various services under one umbrella which includes social media, personal messaging, cloud storage, video conferencing, proximity commerce and a dedicated space for channels for content creators, users, traders and for personas (MYworld), (MYown) and (MYwork) on the app. MYn App is available for download on App Store and Google Play and offers a secure, internal communication and collaboration system for enterprises and businesses.

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