Narendra Modi Congratulated Ulf Kristersson For Getting Elected as PM of Sweden

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday congratulated Ulf Kristersson, Moderate Party leader for becoming Sweden's next PM. The prime minister said he looks forward to working together to strengthen bilateral relations.

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Ulf Kristersson, Sweden

"Congratulations to H. E. Mr. Ulf Kristersson on his election as the next Prime Minister of Sweden. I look forward to working closely together to further strengthen our multi-faceted partnership. @SwedishPM," PM Modi said in a tweet.

On Monday, Sweden's Parliament elected Ulf Kristersson as the country's new prime minister as 176 members of the Riksdag, legislature, voted in favor of him while 173 were against the new PM, according to Anadolu Agency.

"It feels great, I am grateful and happy about the confidence I have received from the Riksdag and also markedly humble about the task that lies ahead of us," Kristersson said in a news conference following the vote.

Kristersson will be leading a three-party coalition government with the Moderates, the Christian Democrats, and the Liberals, reported Anadolu Agency.

Outgoing Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, who leads the transitional government, congratulated Kristersson on becoming the prime minister in an Instagram post. However, Andersson said: "Before the elections, the four right-wing conservative parties promised very much. But we already hear how they are beginning to let down their promises to the voters."

After becoming Sweden's new PM, Kristersson made some changes in the government. Jessika Roswall became the Minister for EU Affairs, Johan Pehrson will serve as Minister for Employment and Integration and Paulina Brandberg becomes the Minister for Gender Equality and Deputy Minister for Employment in the new government, according to Sweden's government official site.

Responding to a question over criticism by his party members on the deal between three right-wing parties, the new PM said that he does not see it as a problem.

"I believe that there is a serious atmosphere in Swedish politics for many different reasons," he said, adding that he believes the vast majority will be focusing on doing "as much good as possible" despite differences., according to Anadolu Agency.

The right-wing bloc won a slim majority in last month's election over the ruling Social Democrats government and its left-wing bloc by securing 176 seats in a 349-member parliament.

Far-right Sweden Democrats will not be a part of the government, however, Kristersson said in a press conference last week that "he will cooperate closely with the Sweden Democrats," reported Anadolu Agency.

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