More and More Indians Have Started to Pick Up an Interest in The NFL

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India has always been obsessed with sport in some form or another, and while cricket is still the unrivaled king, more and more people have started to pick up interest in foreign sports leagues. Without doubt, one sport that is seeing the biggest amount of growth is the NFL. 

The NFL is one of the highest grossing sports leagues in the world. Though the interest in the US is as high as ever, the league has started taking steps to become more and more popular across the entire globe. Today someone in India or other parts of the world can watch NFL games on the same terms as Americans, read information about the sport and access Super Bowl odds regardless of whether the person is in Chennai or Cincinnati. 

The season

The season in the NFL is relatively short but extremely intense. The first games start at the end of the summer and run until the middle of February. All teams play 16 games during the regular season and it all builds up to the spectacular climax of the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is a massive event and rough estimates show that over half of the US population tune in to watch. 

How to build up an interest for the NFL 

If you’re looking to start watching the NFL, there are two good ways to get going. One of the best ways is by going to the NFL’s YouTube page. There you can see highlights from all games for free. This can be a good way to appreciate the sport and see how much your interest is in the NFL. There are also a ton of videos on how the sport is played. These can be helpful if you feel somewhat lost as to how everything works. 

Another good way to build up interest for the league in general is to pick a team to root for. Many American football teams have Indian fan clubs and you won’t struggle when looking for people to discuss the games with. When it comes to picking a team, there are 32 different ones to choose from. Pick one that you naturally feel the strongest connection with, or the team whose logo you like best. If you’ve ever visited a city in the USA that has an NFL team, this too can be a fun way of finding a team to root for. 

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