Mogi- Next Generation Video delivery SaaS App Raises $ 150 K from a Global Angel Investor

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While online video consumption is exploding, with almost 80% of the data consumed on the internet being video, the video platforms are facing multiple challenges. Mogi is a video delivery SaaS platform that intends to address these issues with its breakthrough technology.

Within 2 months of launch the company has bagged 2 prestigious customers & is doing pilots with a number of high profile customers in the Ed Tech, e com, and news & content sectors. It has also attracted an investment of $ 150 K from a Global Angel investor. Mogi will invest these funds in building world-class technology in the rapidly evolving video delivery market across the world. It also has plans into tap into the US & European markets besides continuing its focus on India which is the second-highest per capita video consuming market today.

Commenting on the announcement, Vikrant Khanna, Co-founder and CEO of Mogi said “Global video content demand is exceeding CDN capacity, the issue becomes especially acute during high peak traffic hours. This leads to poor consumer experience in terms of buffering & latency. Mogi’s breakthrough technology leverages a multi-layered architecture comprising conventional CDNs and private & dynamic nodes. Mogi Streaming Engine ensures that data is routed via the best performing & most cost-effective route, intelligently switching between the nodes. This delivers high performance, no buffering video viewing experience to the consumers. No other video delivery technology has the ability to scale up in real-time like this.”

Rahul Lahoria, Co-founder and CTO further added. “Serving videos today is a complex operation. There are multiple moving parts, from transcoding (compression) to managing Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) for transferring & caching, video player integration & Video Analytics. Besides the complexity, the cost of managing the above operation turns out to be very high. Mogi not only manages the entire video operation end to end for the video platform but also leverages its next-generation technology to deliver it at a 50% saving to the video platform”

The global video transfer market is estimated to be $ 20 Bn & is growing at 33% CAGR. Almost all digital platforms are moving towards video content starting from Media & Entertainment, Ed Tech, Social Platforms, e com, Ad Tech to video commerce to name a few.