Metaverk and NIBSCOM Sign MoU for Imparting Training to Banking and Finance Professionals in Web 3.0, AI and XRPL Blockchain

Metaverk and NIBSCOM Sign MoU for Imparting Training to Banking and Finance Professionals in Web 3.0, AI and XRPL Blockchain

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Metaverk, a leading Web 3.0. technology company specialising in AI, Blockchain and Metaverse-based products, has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Institute of Banking Studies & Corporate Management (NIBSCOM). NIBSCOM, is a leading capacity-building institute for the BFSI sector. It focuses on developing core leadership in banking and finance while providing skill development programmes to banking professionals. The partnership aims to bridge the skill gap in the industry and equip professionals with the latest trends and expertise necessary to thrive in the digital age.

Under the terms of the MoU, Metaverk will serve as the training technology partner for NIBSCOM, collaborating to deliver co-branded training programmes, workshops, consultancy services, short-duration certificate programmes and other initiatives related to emerging technologies. These programmes will cater to students and young professionals and will be conducted through live/online, face-to-face, and self-paced models at NIBSCOM premises.

Metaverk will offer an array of comprehensive training programmes through this collaboration. These include a half-day expert talk on central bank digital currency, three days ‘masterclass on emerging technologies, XRPL and blockchain certification, as well as half-day expert talks on smart contracts, blockchain and Metaverse. These programmes will be developed in consultation with industry experts from NIBSCOM, ensuring their relevance and application in the rapidly evolving BFSI sector.

Vikas Ahuja, CEO of Metaverk, expressed his enthusiasm in joining forces with NIBSCOM. He highlighted the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionise the BFSI industry by enhancing security, increasing efficiency, improving transparency, and enabling new business models. Mr. Ahuja emphasised that financial institutions are increasingly adopting blockchain solutions to remain competitive in the digital age. As a training technology partner, Metaverk is committed to providing cutting-edge training programmes on emerging technologies, such as AI and XRPL blockchain. With its expertise in Web 3.0, AI and blockchain services, Metaverk will deliver programmes that will empower banking professionals to stay updated with the latest trends and skills.

Mr. Punit Jain, Director of NIBSCOM, highlighted the growing relevance and necessity of blockchain technology in the banking and finance industry. He emphasised that an increasing number of financial institutions are adopting blockchain solutions to meet the evolving needs of their customers and maintain a competitive edge. Recognising the current situation, NIBSCOM is delighted to partner with Metaverk as its training technology partner. The institute believes in the importance of skill development for banking and finance professionals, which is crucial in the present era. The partnership aligns with NIBSCOM's mission of developing core leadership in the BFSI sector and providing skill development programmes to banking professionals.

The collaboration between Metaverk and NIBSCOM is expected to benefit the BFSI sector by offering cutting-edge training programmes on emerging technologies. It will empower professionals to stay ahead of the curve, drive growth and foster innovation in the industry.


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