International Teachers Olympiad 2023: Announced 3 Lakh Teachers to Register from 10,000 Schools Globally

The Olympiad will be held on 7th October 2023. All teachers - aspiring, in-service, and retired are eligible to register. During the Olympiad, teachers would undergo a one-hour assessment.

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Rishabh Khanna, Founder & CEO, Suraasa

The 2023 edition of the International Teachers' Olympiad (ITO) — the largest multinational olympiad for teachers was announced recently. After a successful edition in 2022, ITO 2023 is estimated to have registrations from over 300,000 teachers from 10,000+ schools across 45+ countries. Organised by Suraasa (the world’s leading career growth platform for teachers), ITO provides a platform for teachers to receive well-deserved recognition, professional development guidance, international exposure, and huge cash rewards.

Registrations for ITO 2023 open on 15th August 2023 and can be completed online via at a nominal registration fee of INR 549. The Olympiad will be held on 7th October 2023. All teachers - aspiring, in-service, and retired are eligible to register. During the Olympiad, teachers would undergo a one-hour assessment. Based on their performance, they receive a confidential pedagogy report highlighting what they’re good at & where they can improve. They also receive growth plans for the next 6 months. These plans act as a roadmap to track their progress, guiding them towards becoming even more effective educators.

In 2022, the initiative witnessed registrations from over 68,000+ teachers from 5500+ schools across 30+ countries. Cash prizes of INR 20 Lakhs were distributed to the top teachers. The upcoming edition promises to be even more rewarding, with total cash prizes up to INR 30 Lakhs up for grabs.

Rishabh Khanna, Founder & CEO, Suraasa, expressed his excitement for the Olympiad, stating, "ITO celebrates teachers and aims to provide them the respect and recognition they deserve on a global platform. Teachers have loved the idea and are rushing to put their names on the registration waitlist. The Olympiad established itself as an ultimate tool for teachers to discover their true teaching potential in 2022, and will do it again in 2023. The idea is to make it an annual reflection and progress measurement opportunity for teachers."

Maria Virginia, a participant from ITO 2022 and a School Teacher from Telangana, said, “Participating in the Olympiad not only allowed me to gauge my abilities as an educator but also offered valuable insights into areas where I can improve and grow.”

In addition to the benefits for individual teachers, ITO also benefits schools. Schools of participating teachers will receive a separate report of their teachers’ combined teaching competencies. The report will outline the PD areas for each school that require more focus. This data-aware approach to professional development will support schools and teachers in improving the overall educational quality offered at their institutions.

Geeta Varshneya, Director of a Global School in India, shares, "I am thoroughly impressed with the Olympiad as it delves deep into pedagogy, a crucial aspect often lacking in traditional teacher training programs. It provides a valuable opportunity for those genuinely seeking to improve their teaching skills to receive feedback and support."

By recognising and celebrating deserving teachers, ITO places them at the heart of the education transformation. It’s encouraging to see all stakeholders responding very positively to the initiative. Its impact ripples across classrooms and learning communities, ultimately setting new standards and nurturing a progressive educational landscape.

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